When a Girl falls in Love | Story of a College Girl

When a Girl falls in Love | Story of a College Girl

When a Girl fall in Love

When a Girl falls in Love it is the best thing in this world. You know without love, life is like a rainbow without colors. Our ultimate happiness comes from love. Everyone in this world live with the motive to love or to be loved. When two people are in love with each other they care for each other and that’s the best thing about it. You know in today’s world everyone is suffering from one or other problems which lead to mental illnesses. The main reason for increasing mental illnesses is loneliness. People don’t have anyone with whom they can share their emotions and feelings but love provides us a partner for sharing our feelings. It is a kind of feeling which can’t be explained in words, it can only be felt. And feelings this is the most beautiful thing. When a girl falls in love with someone, she always tries to make her lover happy. A girl who has never listened to anyone also starts completing her partner’s demand because for her relationship matters more than her ego. Sometimes while making her boyfriend happy, she is the one who gets hurt most. Like sometimes the boy may love another girl or he may be just using her for his physical desires. But even in such situations, the girl forgives him and lets him go for his happiness. A girl only expect love and respect from her partner. When a Girl falls in Love She doesn’t want money or material things. You know even after letting the boy go from her life, she never really forget him.

You know when you’re in love you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dream
——Dr. Seuss
You know it is also a famous saying that when a person is in love he/she can’t sleep. A girl in love only wants to talk to her boyfriend and thinks only about him all the time. Her eyes are always just looking for him everywhere, but when it’s not possible to find him around, she tries to talk to him and see (actually stare at ) him in her dreams.

When a Girl falls in Love

Story of a College Girl

I would like to explain this quote by sharing a story of a girl

A girl who when went to college gets friendly with a cute and sweet boy. They became best friends and used to share every emotion. Soon the girl fell in love with him. She started seeing her future with him but one day the boy came with another girl to meet her, he introduced this new girl to his best friend as his girlfriend. The girl in this situation opt to break her friendship with him because she couldn’t live with him like this. The girl tried to move on in her life and she was quite successful in forgetting him at least externally. Now she spent her whole day with her new friends but at night before sleeping she couldn’t help herself from missing him once. This continues till now with her. But you know what is worth mentioning here is that every day she sees that boy in her dreams and she is very happy about the same. When I told her that this will only stop her from moving on in her life, she told me that she doesn’t care because according to her after seeing him in her dreams she feels the best and that’s why she wants to see him in her dreams every day because she can’t see him in reality.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

This is the story of one of my close friends who told me what is love. Love is the feeling which comes from our heart, it is the feeling which ties two souls together forever. People who got to feel it are the luckiest people ever. Even after the relationship ends due to some unfortunate reasons, true love never ends it remains in one corner of the heart for always. But in today’s world people just use this word as an instrument for cheating others and due to this, the innocent ones are afraid to fall in love. In a true love relationship, both partners should trust each other, should provide space to each other. Trust and freedom are the two most important elements of a happy relationship. It is not loved if one always doubts others or always restrain others from doing things which he or she likes. Love is when you care about other’s needs and desires. When you realize that you can’t stop yourself from remembering someone, understand that you are in love, and please don’t stop yourself from expressing your love to someone special because the more you delay the more you will feel sad. So go and get your love. According to one of the famous Indian Bollywood movies, if you love him or her truly, he or she will also love you. So kindly believe in your love and tell your someone special about your feelings for them.

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