The True Essence Of Love | Love Through Astrology

The True Essence Of Love | Love Through Astrology

The True Essence Of Love 

The True Essence of love is a feeling which transcends dimensions of time and space like an energy that remains. Love stays in the form of blessings from dead people, flowing through the air like sound waves. it remains in the form of pity for some people, and gratefulness for others. Some belief in it as an artifact of chemicals in our bodies. “Na Karmana Na prajaya dhanena tyagenaika amrtatva manasuh” (Kaivalya Upanishad) leads to the conclusion that sacrifice and surrender is the true essence of love… 

The True Essence Of Love

Creation Of Feeling Is Love

In this uniformly distributed, disorganized universe, many billion species evolved in a very dissimilar environment. Not only species but every day a new start, or a new planet is born in the universe and these material things just like feelings are a re-product of energy. According to the recent studies of quantum physics, there are no “particles”. Every type of particle is conceived of quantum vibration. At the elementary level of everything that exists in this universe, all matter, which is essentially one and invisible, is a connected dynamic tissue of vibrating fields of energy. 

According to the Indian classics, these energies are of 3 types- Sattvic, Tamsic, and Rajas. And everything in the entire universe is a product of these three energies. A combination of these energies makes a person unique from the other. The True Essence of love is therefore an energy expressed by different people in different ways based on the combination and percentage of these three energies in our body. 

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Sattvic embodies the highest and purest forms of energies of love, surrender, generosity, and forgiveness. Rajasic love is expressed in a Selfish way, where a person will have Desire, Passion, Violence, Impulsiveness, aggression, competition, and binds in this materialistic world. Tamasic energy blocks the positivity followed by inertia, darkness, ignorance, attachment, etc. 

Therefore love is associated with a variety of feelings which usually denotes a positive meaning but is expressed by different individuals in a different way. 

A person is born with a particular set of temperaments and when these temperaments are developed into the habit after a certain age, he has no control over how he expresses the way he does. These temperaments and the coincidences that occur, makes a complete life experience for a person. All these things can be predicted through astrology right after the birth of a child. 

Love Through Astrology 

The concept of love and marriage is very karmic according to Vedic astrology. Many times in our lives, we ask the thin air, “why me?” or “what did I do to deserve this partner or this relationship?” 

According to the Vedic astrology, we did deserve all that. We are energies and energy never dies. It remains forever and keep taking new forms. The energies of our brains and everything material is governed by planets and stars visible from Earth. Everything that we think and do, also generate vibrations and remain on this plane of dimension. When we die and take birth again in a new form of energy, all the vibrations that we left in our last birth comes back with a lesson. We accumulate so many karmas from several lifetimes and we keep accumulating more and keep replaying karmas coming from the past. Therefore, everything that is happening to us in this lifetime is a result of certain karmas we did in the past life. So, regardless of any problem in love life or professional life, it is very essential that we remain calm and compose. 

Love in Vedic astrology and in western astrology is denoted by the planet Venus. Whenever Venus in our Vedic horoscope is placed in not a good position, it means that we are meant to give out some karmas related to love and marriage. 

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Concept Of Self Love

These days, in almost every advertisement, we are asked to love ourselves. But what most people do not know is, how to love oneself. They conclude self-love as either to beautify themselves or put themselves first in every aspect of life and both the concepts are entirely wrong. 

Self-love fundamentally means to be able to spend time with ourselves as we would do with some other person we are in a relationship with. When we spend time with ourselves and meditate to spend some time with our soul, we start to realize what we truly are and what are the important things that we are supposed to do in life. And once we realize these goals, we start to work upon them and that is what leads us toward success. 

But most of the time, people fall into traps of media/ads. These ads created a new definition of self-love which is to buy and use their products, post photos on social media, and give a caption of “self-love“. People using social media are constantly running for likes and comments of other people, are constantly stalking people, making themselves feel low, texting random people, seeking people to talk to all the time- all because they are running from themselves. They just do not want to face themselves. But what most of us fail to realize is that it is when we are bored with ourselves, we get most creative. 

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