Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha

Chemical Locha or a Feeling

Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, Love is a very different kind of feeling that each person deserves in his life. love not only makes you feel better but also makes you feel lively, happy, and makes you want to be better. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, we don’t know but. Love keeps us together and if anyone we know is about to give up then we become the cheerleader in their life to motivate them because we love them. We all have heard about Romeo and Juliet and how they were meant to be together. There were many songs about what is love and how it happens but the one “Zoobie Doobie” from “3 Idiots” is my favorite as it shows how love happens in a comical yet touching every string of heart with the lines like ” bheegi bheegi Saari mei, Yun thumke lgati tu, jaisa filmo mei Hota hai, ho rha h hu-ba-hu”.

Love Is Immortal

Love is when a person randomly pleases notes in between logbook pages because the person knows it would make the other person feel very special and make them smile.

Love can be very different in ways. It can vary from person to person. It can be towards your parents, siblings, friends, or that special person from your dreams. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha or Some people fall in love at first sight where a person can instantly fall in love with another person within seconds or minutes of their first meeting even if the two of them don’t have any previous interaction. Love is purely dependent on a person liking the other person’s features such as his nature, his way of showing love, respect, the way they speak, or features such as the body shape, the color of the eyes or hair or any other body part they are attracted too. Love at first sight not always apply to everyone but yes the lovers may have known each other for a while before falling in love. A person treats you like a priority gives you his time and respect and makes you feel special in any way he/she can. You can’t feel this way for everyone, there is always only one person who makes butterflies in your tummy and love you for no reason.

symptoms that show you are in love

Some people finding falling in love with the person who is engaged in a similar activity for the same line of work such as dancers, musicians, teachers, etc. Working together at the same place for hours or working together in the gym may bring you close. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, because Most people fall in love with the person of the same interest like a musician is falling love with the musician, a teacher fall in love with the teacher or scientists find themselves getting attracted to fellow researchers. People also get attracted to people who are very different from each other. Finding love in life is a very special thing that each person deserves to have in their life.

How do you know its love? The special feeling in your heart, increasing your energy, a racing heart, or an accelerating breathing as well as loss of appetite, anxiety, panic, etc. When a person is afraid of losing another person that is love. Love is when a person does not do things their partners love but still do them to bring a smile on their partners face. Love is when two persons help each other to grow academically, financially spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Going on dates having fun together, spending time together, loving each other’s flaws, cracking jokes, making fun of each other is what you call love.

Love Is Immortal | Towards Immortal Love


An intense feeling of deep affection or pleasure in something which we like or enjoy very much whether it is towards our family, friends, relationship, country, or maybe towards nonliving things which don’t need to be perfect but just has to be true. Oh yeah, by all this I’m talking about love. Our heart wants what it wants. Love Is Immortal, Sometimes we fall in love for nonliving things which we never want to lose, we know we cannot talk to them but though our emotions are attached to them so hard that we cannot imagine our life without that thing because somewhere in our heart we know love is the voice under all silence and of course judgment is absent.
We can have an intense feeling for anything at any time because it is a kind of fabric that never fades, no matter how often it is washed of adversity and grief. Love Is Immortal.


We all agree that it’s not possible to fall in love with somebody who doesn’t respect you or have faith in you. We always wanted to be with someone who supports us, our goals, keeps motivating us, always makes us feel happy, and be ours, cheerleader. This all is found only in our parents who love us immensely. Yes, love is an emotional process.
Try to find a person who would always love you consistently, make effort to be with you, polite course of action, and socially constructive, never lie to you to spare your feeling and with a moral code.
But then what about friendship and relationship? We search for all those things which we see in our parents i.e is nothing but an emotional process but most of the time we get manipulative person or selfishness, etc. Idealize love which we overestimate and need to pay for it.

 Is it worth it? 

We forget the fundamental values for being in a healthy relationship and ready to scarifies our self for them. And all the success of our relationship hinges on these fundamental values and an important one.
Most of the relationship and friendship where we fall in love sucks our life, happiness, goal, respect, etc.
Why to be as paradoxical? Why do we tolerate an unhealthy and codependent relationship with our partner?
Remember, love is one of the greatest experiences which life offers to us. We cannot sacrifice our identities, respect, goal, and self-worth to it. Sacrificing all these just to be with that person is problematic.
So by all this, we need to understand is love is necessary but it is not enough.


Love is perpetual. We always look for a partner with whom we can share each and everything and who can make our heart flutter. It’s not necessary to find love in a person, it can be for anything. Many times we have heard of “love at first sight” but ever happened at any mall, shop for a thing rather than a person. Yes, many times. It can be a toy like a teddy, a car, or a photo or sculpture. As soon we see at them we lose our consciousness and start heading towards that just to see, feel it, and of course to buy it. But what happens when we can’t afford it, yes we start earning just to buy that. This is nothing but love. There is no logic to these things, you see something very attractive and fall in love and that’s that.


You fall in love when you find something which is Incredible, wonderful, attractive, and perfect.
Since we know the light of love sees no walls, so it’s not restricted to humans but also nature i.e plants, rivers, flowers, clouds, land, etc.
Have you ever tried to communicate to rivers, have you ever heard what they say?
All you need is that you should communicate openly with your partner, have fun, and full of joy.
Sitting under a tree that gives you shade, fruit, oxygen, paper, etc, despite all these it gives peace. Isn’t lovely, you fall in love with the place which gives you peace.

Nature never says to fall in love, it always says let’s love find you. Nature is one by which everyone should aspire to feel and enjoy. It also includes our motherland our country. Who has blindly love on our motherland? Yes, it’s our soldiers who fight for our motherland by sacrificing their life. They get everything which we find in love i.e respect, loyalty, goals, etc. So by all this, we understand that platonic love concerns itself to the heart.
Try to find love in each and everything which provides you peace. Yes, ‘Love is immortal’ because love never abandons anything it always gives a chance to embolden yourself. Come out from the state of solitude and try to be sanguine. Love is always about being thrasonical.