Symptoms That Show You Are In Love


When a person is in love this is one of the most common symptoms that show you are in love. One doesn’t handle the things the way he or she used to. Even things around you seem different. Things that used to bother you don’ t bother anymore. You feel more positivity in you and the irony is you aren’t sometimes able to recognize where is it coming from. Your perspective changes towards the things and one may find it unbelievable how things can change in your life because of love. You get angry less and stay happy more. You always have more reasons to smile and stay excited. 

symptoms that show you are in love


Every human on this planet surely has good and bad sides. But someone said it just very right that “love is blind” and this is what doesn’t let a person see the bad sides of your special ones. Even if your mind notices something called a bad side then your heart dominates over your mind and ignores all those things smoothly. Love is something that connects you with someone else emotionally as well as mentally and a perfect being doesn’t exist so it’s okay to ignore the flaws because you might have also some flaws in you. This is one of the symptoms that show you are in love


Love is something that doesn’t go in sync with the brain, because if the brain runs a person in love then actually that’s not love but something else. Taking decisions from your heart for only a specific person is special and that is what love is all about. This is quite natural to happen and there is nothing wrong with that but one should not take decisions from the heart for everyone in his or her life because in that case that’s not love but emotional foolishness. Heart rules over your brain when you are in love and this has been proved even scientifically. This is also one of the symptoms that show you are in love

symptoms that show you are in love


This is one of the best things about love. The feeling that you never want to lose, never want to change ever. It always makes you feel confident enough to face all the hurdles in your way out there. You feel you have someone to support you, someone who can just hold you even if you fall, someone who would accept you the way you are, someone who doesn’t judge you from your success and failures, someone who motivates you to be more. One can feel that he or she can achieve any goal if they are together. It also makes you feel you are someone who is meant to be special for someone. You don’t feel left out or alone even if you are.


This is a symptom that differentiates love and attraction. If you are attracted to someone then you would want to be with someone but for a while. But in love, the time just keeps flowing and it always seems less no matter how much you have spent already. You always keep on finding excuses to meet your special ones and to spend more time with them. You set them as your priority and they are the ones who always remain in your mind and heart. You also want them to spend all the time with you and yourself as their priority. When you are away from your love, mentally you always remain near them. You always take out time for them no matter how busy you are running out there.

Jealous Or Insecurity


If someone can get so connected to someone else intentionally that they can feel the ups and downs of their partner’s life even when not with them then only love can do so. And when something of this sort starts then unsaid is heard by each other and the understanding gets deeper. In such cases, even distances don’t matter for two people. When you can understand the needs without even asking and you also understand the actions then it’s only your understanding built on the pillar of love. This is what makes love more genuine and stronger.


It’s often noticed that people try to adapt themselves to get compatible for the ones whom they love rather they don’t understand that he or she has been loved for who they are and not for changing themselves. You loved someone because of their genuineness, honesty, and whoever he or she is. By changing yourself you might be getting compatible but also losing your characteristics of being loved. This is also the reason why you suddenly become protective and possessive for a specific person. Don’t change yourself and you won’t let your partner change if your love is real. You should always accept them the way they are.