Love | Pros And Cons Of Love

Whoever said loving someone is the easiest thing in the world, has never known love. Falling in love is never a planned process, loving someone is not an idea but a feeling to be felt. People often mistake flings and admirations to be love. No one can ever define love with mere words bound to the twenty-five alphabets, it’s an impossible task. There are so many pros and cons of love. Love itself stands as the epitome or the lead to various other wonderful feelings in the world including peace, trust, care, patience, loyalty, confidence, and many others which are beyond price.

pros and cons of love


“The meeting of two personalities

Is like the contact of two chemical substances;

If there is any reaction,

Both are transformed”

–         Carl Jung

You’ll never know when you start loving someone. True love never happens with a date or deadline. All of a sudden the presence of a person makes you feel swept up from ground to the seventh cloud level. The person will feel like never before, a person in love creates a separate world of imagination thinking of all happiness and warmth the person can ever ask for. A person in love can go to the extent of doing things he/she has never done or even thought before. Loves come with so many pros and cons. The person develops a soft corner filled with immense love, care, and respect for the other person and often fears to admit it or confront the situation.



“The secret of happiness is low expectations

–         Barry Schwartz


In every relationship there are expectations, be it of any kind. Relationships are built with expectations of each other. As much as a person puts effort into a relationship to last forever, he/she expects the other person to do the same. In today’s world, there are thousands of relationships and affairs which we are aware of through social media or any other field, seeing someone else’s relationship workout and bloom often creates similar expectations from the relationship we are ourselves involved in. Be it a gift or any other warm gesture which has caught our attention, we expect to receive the same from our partners. Often we forget that every person has a different thought process and mentality that makes them a completely different individual, yet special. Keeping expectations from the person one loves does not harm, but, following the trend and expecting your partner to do the same for you brings a position where your partner may feel his/her uniqueness crashed.

benefits of love


“Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal

Completely, or not loyal at all”


Trust, faith, and confidence are some of the irreplaceable pillars of a strong relationship. Every relationship has some pros and cons of love. Living miles apart from each other can never be a big deal if there is the right amount of trust. Trust begins from true love, where there is love there will be trust. No situation or circumstances may influence it. Trust is itself a very delicate subject to be dealt with. It takes months and years to develop but takes minutes to shatter, once lost it can never revert to its previous state. A person in love always tries to keep the trust bond with his/her partner intact. Often in relationships, trust can stand as a weak point. While one person keeps on trusting the other continues taking advantage of it, a person truly in love never thinks of cheating or taking advantage of the other. Blinded by trust, people in love often forget the bars and keeps on pouring affection regardless of the number of times he/she has been cheated, just to hang on to the person. This results in toxic relationships where people forget about their self-worth.

pros and cons of love


“Full-time relationships demand more than part-time dedication”

–          Charlie Farley


                    When in love, be dedicated. No work or relationship in this world works out without full-hearted dedication. A relationship without dedication is just like a phone without service. A dedicated lover always finds a way to mend the problems finding solutions to it. A dedicated lover cares like a parent, scolds like a teacher, and consoles like a best friend. One-sided dedication can never make a relationship work. Listening to each other, helping out in need, and shoring up each other’s confidence in the dedication a person always looks forward to, from someone they love. If this dedication stays constant, the relationship becomes unbreakable. A person in love never gives up and leaves, the only option for them is “solve and stay”.

pros and cons of love


Here are some pros and cons of love. Love is the feeling that fills one with positivity. Love gives every person a reason to love themselves and feel special about their qualities. It gives a person the space to broaden up their perceptions and abandon all negativity that has always haunted them or made them feel low. The happiness and contentment that love brings to one’s life can’t ever be traded against anything in this world. Love teaches everyone the art of living together; it teaches how to pour all our efforts and abilities just to see the smile on the faces of our loved ones. It makes us feel magical, love is magic.


Love often blinds people. In love people often overlook the drawbacks and shortcomings of their loved ones initially and later are hurt. Love makes people take hasty decisions which later are proven harmful. In love, if the immense trust built is broken, people often question themself and often fall in the trap of various mental illnesses like depression. Depression is one of the leading mental health problems the youth worldwide is facing. People indulge in suicides and various other self-harming processes just with the lack of love and care. Hence, toxic love can also make people bury themselves in the grave of loneliness.