Different Colors Of Love | Power of love

LOVE, 4 letter word, small yet plays the largest part of our lives, and sometimes becomes our life. Love itself is a metaphor. You may not define the meaning of this word yet there is the different meaning of loving each one’s life, different colors of love. For love is both love and hate. It can make you feel both happy and sad. You can lose and yet win in love. Love is both mature and silly. Its something when you feel can never get away from you. Love is like oxygen to your mind and body, it’s not negotiable. Your relationship gets healthier when you are more connected to each other, and puts your relationship at risk when you aren’t connected. Different colors of love are here.


Trust behind the foundation of love

Foundation of strongest relationship is love, but the foundation of strongest love is trust. Trust is the backbone. Love is not about taking pleasure in people’s sins but satisfaction in the truth. And when you are in love, the trust will simply be with you. It’s a feeling of immense happiness, pleasure, and selflessness because love is never selfish or rude. Love gives you respect, is always patient and kind. Love have such an ability and capacity to make you forget the negative things happening around you, it makes it all colorful and happening. It makes you protective, responsible, and makes you want to be a better person for someone. You support someone you love, push them being with them. You become a caring person.


Love gives you the power to trust someone and makes you ready to endure whatever comes your way. It gives you the power to forgive, accept your flaws, and accepts your flaw. People say that 2 people in love make them complete by being one, but I believe that you are complete by loving your, by self-love but when you fall in love with someone else you realize you are complete by understanding yourself better, by understanding your pure feelings.

Love is empty without pain

As we know all colors can’t be bright, life is never possible without hurdles, love also gets some pain along with it. It is not always a fairy-tails. Sometimes you get boundless hurt and pain by the person you. You argue and fight. But if you get only from someone you love because they are important to you. You can fight, but if there is love with you will fight for each other. Love doesn’t have space for the ego it has space for forgiveness. It makes you much strong when you get back to your love. Love has a pull, how much ever you try to walk away, and pretend not to care, deep down your heart will ache and long for that love. As long as you aren’t destroying each other or yourself, there is nothing you can’t work through. Be it emotionally, physically, or anything.


Effort Is Necessary In Relationship

It’s easy to fall in love, but it takes effort to live that love. It’s is always good to make small efforts to make each other feel their importance and your love towards them. Bring a smile on others face because of you is the biggest satisfaction you get in love.

Letting go

Letting go of your love for other’s happiness is also a sign of love. You force love on someone, it’s not a condition, because while falling in love you didn’t that is why we say love is unconditional. Love is boundless, making boundaries will only make your bond weaker. Not everything you want comes your way, but what is meant to be done. Sacrificing is a small thing you can do, it won’t be easy but you will have the strength to do it. Its because you will the importance and priority better.



love doesn’t happen between 2 human beings, people can also love animals, objects, activities from whom their sentiments are attached. Some people are animal lovers, as they bond and understand they consider them as their own. Some people love objects which remind them of memories. Isn’t it mesmerizing that love is where you just need to feel it? It has all the colors you just need to see it.
In all you can say is the purest form of feeling that you feel for or get from your parents, your life partner, your friend. Love is everything and is everywhere. Trust, faith, belief, and respect are the most important part of love. It can melt you when you think you are tough, it can build you when you think you are shattered. It makes fearless yet make you fearful of losing that person. Love is about giving but not expecting. Love is a blessing in everyone’s life that in every hard time stands with you. It’s the most beautiful part of life.