Deviation Between Lust And Love | Lust An Overwhelming desire


LUST An Overwhelming desire

There is a famous quote about lust is ” lust feels like love until it’s time to make sacrifices “.Many symbols show you’re in lust instead of love with the person. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the LUST and LOVE. In simple words, lust is a superior feeling of attraction. Deviation And Breach Between Lust And Love.

In today’s modern world it’s common to have the presence of lust in a relationship nowadays, hence it quite possible not to understand that you have attraction not attachment with the person.

Whenever it comes to our close one, we can easily predict that what they are feeling for someone is lust or love. But when it’s about us we’re unable to clarify the things clear.

Deviation Between Lust And Love

Difference Between Love And Lust

Simply love is caring, sharing, protecting, and most important is an understanding between the two. Lust turns to desire, pleasure, and impulsiveness. Meanwhile, lust is just about sex.

Lust is for the short term. The more you filled with thoughts of lust the less you find true love. Lust will pass one day while, loves hold you till last. Lust touch your body, love to touch your heart and soul.

Lust is easy to make while love is hard and want sacrifices. These symptoms are very common in today’s fast-growing modern world because no one has time to stop and think about true feelings.

Lust also fades away when you engage with another person at the same time.

Lust is always about fantasy on the other hand love is about the real world. Lust is confused for love. Lust makes you free love bound you with a string of some responsibilities.
Simply lust is an intense physical desire.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

What Is Love?

Love is a commitment that deal with your desires, people confuse lust with true love. Don’t mistake lust for love. Love begins with heart: lust with sensation. According to psychiatrists, lust is an intense sexual attraction us notorious sense, pure lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy.

In the stage of lust, we can’t honest with each other and don’t listen to each other feelings and never try to make others happy. Never motivates the person and encourage him/her.

Film ‘fifty shades of grey’ is one of the best examples of lust over love. India’s Web series lust stories. There are some novels based on lust over love examples-women in love by D.H LAWRENCE, Romeo and Juliet by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE is also considered a lust love story between a 16-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy that caused deaths.

A Date With Love in Corona Virus


  • you want to make yourself more attractive and make others believe that you’re perfect while love makes the things real.
  • You only care about your partner physical appearance, you don’t care about inner feelings.
  • You can’t share your true feelings.
  • Lust makes you feel and enjoy only the present moment rather than imagining the future together.
  • Lust is a raw fruit and love is refined and pure.
  • You’re going so fast with your relationship instead of going slow and understanding each other.
  • Unusual conversation between you and your partner, you never try to make your partner feel comfortable,relax, and laugh.
  • You hesitate to share your true feelings.
  • Basic conversation always ends or turns towards intimacy in the end.
  • You never try to meet your partner with your parents.
  • Lust is powerful over love.
  • Love is a deep feeling of affection that we feel for our partner and gets into emotional attachment and lust is physical attraction only.


  • You hardly share your plans and wishes
  • You just want to live in the moment only with him or her.
  • You never make your partner as your priority in your life over other things.
  • You’re always interested in having sex in place of deep conversation.
  • Not interested in cuddling, pampering, caring, and discussing the true feelings.
  • Your ideal date is limited to intimacy.
  • You are never available for emotional touch to your partner.
  • You never praise your partner inner qualities.
  • The physical appearance of your partner is matter your most.
  • Most of your thoughts about your partner are of physical behavior.
  • He or she is never being a part of your life and family.
  • Lust is impatient on the other hand love stand to patient
  • Lust is about today while love is about having a future together.
  • Lust distracted your true inner feelings.
  • Lust is blind while love is kind.
  • Lust is selfish while love is generous.
  • Lust makes you shallow oppositely love makes you strong.
  • Lust takes away while love gives you strength and support.


Deviation And Breach Between Lust And Love.

Deviation And Breach Between Lust And Love.



Love is the four-letter word that seems too short in reading but it holds much beautiful explanation with infinite words. Love is the beauty of yourself. Now, look into the hidden meaning of words like as first letter refers to LOYALTY. When you love something or a person, you should be loyal at first because it gives a surety to your partner and he feels confident with you without having any doubt in mind. It is the first step in your relationship to grow as crow flies in the sky.

On the second word, refers to OBSESSION which plays a vital role in your love life. It takes you up in yourself to consumption with belief to your buddy. Like a fascination towards your partner which grows in your inner peace of the state and you find yourself in your buddy who recognizes another version of yourself. love is the beauty of  yourself


On third word V which is my favorite one in a balancing relationship refers to VALUE. It should be kept in every bonding, any kind of relationship which exists, and something like that. Because everyone needs a valuable respect as caring folded with passionate love will make a strong bonding in them. love is the beauty of  yourself

Now one last word E refers to EARN. When people earn something on their potential during many consequences for their partner, on that point they understand their feelings deeply, respect them purely.

Love is not just a meeting of two bodies; it is a pure connection of two souls and the process of making it into one. It gives a feeling of togetherness in itself. After getting fall in love with someone you will feel a telephonic communication with your love partner which is a sign of a perfect relationship to understand each other and emotions. Here love is the one which keeps you alive perfectly, not physically with your partner. 

Could you believe in that way yourself who loves someone more than a God? For someone, you can do everything at your last breathe. This is possible if you can take yourself without having restrictions and enjoy that feeling with all these moments. Love which is not a partially divided feeling, it gives you fixation with stability in your life. Some relationships require truth, belief, happiness which is the most important part of love and keeps a major role in defining the real meaning of love. 

Love is the journey with becoming an essential part of your life wherewith best version of yourself you create golden wrapping bundles of memories with your lover. It is like nectar which gives you a fresh heart-warming touch inside your body with a feeling of floating in another world. It fascinates you with its charming energy which plays inside you.


Here are some keywords which make your relationship better.

  • Give comfort to each other: it is the best policy of relationship which makes your bonding strong also increases flexibility to period with your partner to give comfort places to each other. It can be variably with emotions to each person and give a very efficient mannerism. I think everyone wants their comfort places which give you a perfect perception through life and can modify also with emotions of our partner and live in a better version of life.


  • Strong communication: for a healthy relationship, you have to keep a strong communication by sharing your problems, taking advice; express your feeling by random hugs, etc. like to be become a cutest one. You have to be faithful for your loving person by doing random plans for making a blissful day with a full of happy moments.


  • Physical relationship: sometimes you aren’t in a situation to express that feeling which you want to convey to your partner but having a healthy physical relationship increases feelings to your partner that you connect to your partner for having a charming good life. These things not only develops inside you but also outside as well as. And help to overcoming and reducing your complexity between gives you mental peace and develops a direct peaceful connection between you and your partner.


  • Avoid some little quarrel: I know it is difficult for you but it is not an impossible thing that cannot catch you and apply between your relationships to make more feasible. Adding some passions you can do easily and develops a better connection. Sometimes anger can destroy anything, so keep in mind these things to do not have confusion. Go with your partner calmly and start having a habit to avoid some little quarrel with your partner.


  • Gather happy moments: so yeah! This makes your relationship mentally strong by avoiding bad moments because you are having a good and healthy relationship. With your partner share some beautiful moments of your life and understand his habits for a better love life.

pros and cons of love

Final thoughts:

I hope this article will help you to understand the concept of love and “how to make a healthy relationship” also. So yeah! These are my views on love. I think love is a feeling that can’t describe in an article and no one can describe it also. If you find any difficulty, please feel free to comment below. We want your response! Thank you.


Love is the beauty of  yourself


The Shape of Love | Love and its Forms | Understanding of Love


The Shape of Love

There is an age-old question asking ‘What is Love?’ since the dawn of civilization and times of great empires and kingdoms. It is even believed to be that love started way before the humankind emerged in this world, that is when God created Adam and Eve. So, does this old question of many eras have an answer? Has anyone given a single particular definition or answer to this, which is universally accepted by all? Well no. Many have tried to answer this question through various means of explanation, descriptions, stories, and definitions, but is it possible to explain love? Is there a way to give love a face and define its shape through a singular meaning and a string of words? All these questions are aroused around this particular concept which has bewildered many through the ages but never has been answered with full understanding and satisfaction without any denial, of every existing being in this world. Is it due to the various factors and philosophical characteristics of love itself that these many doubts, confusion, and uncertainties have raised?

shape of love

Love and its Forms

Born as a human being every individual is entitled to love. But love is not given and gained in the same form to everyone. It changes between individuals as do the individuals change in their character, appearance, personality, and various other distinct characteristics. This is the main reason why love could never be defined and explained universally. It tends to change and defer among every living being. It does not have to be only between two people; love is not quantitative and limited. It does not have to be between two different genders, it could also be between the same genders; there is no taboo in love. Love does not confine within the borders of a single species, it could be a bond between a human and a pet animal. It cannot be fenced by race, color, or appearance. Love doesn’t have any requirements or standards to be met. It is something that could never be forced to be done. It is an act of self-indulgence and interest. If compared to the characteristics of the first law of thermodynamics, love could be viewed as a form of energy. As the law states that “energy cannot be created nor be destroyed”, well if you understand it love is also similar to this, you could not forcefully create love or destroy the love someone has for another. Hence love doesn’t have a single form or definitive shape. It transforms, reshapes, evolves, and melds itself among beings.

understanding of love

Understanding Of Love

Love and the expressions of it could vary on how it is conveyed. ‘I love you’ and ‘I am in love with you’, are both different ways of expressing the type of love that is intended in the context or relationship with the person that the conversation is being held with; both of the phrases express different feelings and are not the same. Saying that you love someone could be a form of general expression and could be said to any type of individual irrelevant of relationship and aiding factors, conveying the affection and care you have towards the person without expecting the same in return. But when you say that you are ‘in love’ with someone it expresses the feeling that the feeling is shared between two individuals who are in love and mutual and will not be of any meaning if you do not receive the same from the person concerned. It is personal and shared with a single person who could be a partner, spouse, or lover irrespective of the factors of the outlook of that person. Love that is expressed through action gets varied and given shape and form when a higher form of expression and output is required for the love. That is when gifts are given, grand gestures are made, intimacy is created, promises and bonds are made, matrimony is held, bodies are united and when new life is created, that is the act of love. That is why physical intercourse between two individuals with love is called ‘Making Love’, which is one of the most intimate acts of expressing love physically.

symptoms that show you are in love

Existence of Love

Love is a chronic phase in the lives of human beings which is fragmented into parts and spread throughout the lifespan of an individual irrelevant to the age, time, and necessity of it. It could never be fully understood, felt, and believed without experience. It is a phenomenon that can only be understood when experienced personally by oneself. It is not a simple action that could easily be explained using a verb such as running or talking and be understood by the related person that is listening. It has to happen on its own in an individual’s life and hence be felt and understood by that experience. Love does not confine itself in the circle of success or failure; it’s not an act that has a specific result to it. It is just the presence of it, the expression, the act, the feeling, and altogether the experience that is had, is love.
Love is a unique phenomenon. An individual has to experience love to feel its existence and give it a shape that can only be understood and perceived by that individual. That is the shape of love, the way it appears to us irrespective of all common sense, logic, and characteristics of the world and surroundings. It could never be universally standardized or generalized in appearance and feel.