A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The Starting:

These are crazy times, you wake up in the morning and you have nowhere to go, you spend the whole day doing super random stuff, like watering the plants and whatnot, you turn on the news, maybe watch a debate that’ll keep you up late until midnight, go to bed and repeat. The coronavirus pandemic has managed to make us all retired before we even began the journey. Anyway, the highlight of my super boring day is the 4 pm tea I have in my small little garden. A date With Love in Corona Virus...Yesterday, when I was enjoying my cup of tea, my mind was shackled by a question, a question that is only 6 words long, but it carries the weight of a planet (yes, I like to exaggerate and no this is not even an exaggeration). “What is the meaning of love?”- Remember that tsunami had shifted the axis of the earth by a few degrees, now that is what this question did to my brain, I could not find an answer to it, or maybe I didn’t have enough words in my mind to formulate an answer to this question. But the quest continued, “What is love?” I asked myself once again, silence. My brain was running so fast I couldn’t compute what was happening. So I did what every engineering student does, break it down and start from the beginning. Leaning back on the chair I closed my eyes to remember when the first time I heard or saw the word was being used. When did it all begin? A Date With Love in Corona Virus

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The origination:

The first time I ever experienced the word” love” being used extensively was in Bollywood movies. One of the recurring subjects in Bollywood movies is love. May it be drama, comedy, or even action genre. Horror has the idea of love too sometimes, classic Bollywood. Love is a common part of most big-screen stories. So I became pretty familiar with the grand gestures of love. Chasing at the airport, being in love with your best friend, and not knowing it, love is born out of so-called ‘hate’, love at inconvenient places and times. All of that cliché. Although I liked watching this unfurl on a screen, I never tried to bring it in my own life, nor did I ever try to make a definition of love based on all this reality escaping the entertainment industry. We, humans, are often subconsciously conditioned because of the entertainment industry, and which often leads to disappointment, because the contrast between the “love” shown on the big screen and the “love” in real lives is pretty severe. However, revisiting those Bollywood love theories in my mind was not a very fruitful process, it did help me realize the fact that maybe theories are too boring, maybe what one needs, in order to know something, learn something, is practical knowledge. Realizing this, I closed the door of the Bollywood theories in my mind and went on wandering, once again in search of the true meaning of love. (I mean, it’s not fun if we talk about Bollywood and not be cheesy)

love has no age

The outreach:

After reheating my cup of tea, I went on to think a bit deeper about love, but this time, I chose to seek help. I thought to myself who are the people who can tell me about love? Who are the ones who could give me a definition of love in the easiest form possible? I kept my cup aside and flipped out my mobile and started texting people. The randomness of this question can be very creepy to anyone who is on the receiving end. The sudden text from me saying “how do you define love?” popped up on at least 10 people who I hadn’t spoken in a while. The replies were slow, which I expected. Some of them even expressed their concern about my wellbeing. However, I did not receive an immediate response, everyone wanted to know the reason. No one wants to give away what love means for them so easily. Maybe they don’t know it too? Or maybe we all become a bit protective and yet vulnerable at the same time when we are talking about love? The replies however were very varied, some of them wrote it in one line and some took multiple paragraphs to tell their version. Some of them automatically assumed love is only restricted to the bounds of a relationship and told me love is about trust and communication, some of them took a rather liberal and honest approach by just sending me a picture of their cats(totally worth it). However, varied the replies were, everyone had their own version.

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The conclusion:

After going through multiple replies and reflecting them and trying to make sense out of it, I still didn’t have that one line which would be the perfect answer to the question, how do you define love. Maybe the answer to this question doesn’t lie in the realm of perfection. Maybe the reason that humans experience this feeling is testimony to the fact that love breathes within imperfections. Maybe love chooses to be imperfect, that’s what makes it so compatible with living beings, especially humans. But that doesn’t give me the definition of love; instead, it takes me back to the place where I started. Everyone I asked had their own version of love, probability tells us that the more people we ask, the more versions we’ll have. There is no point in finding the right definition of the meaning of the word; some say love is the best version of you, people say that about god too. As I am engrossed in these super vivid thoughts, my grandfather walks in. he knows immediately if something’s fishy.

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A Date With Love in Corona Virus