Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha

Chemical Locha or a Feeling

Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, Love is a very different kind of feeling that each person deserves in his life. love not only makes you feel better but also makes you feel lively, happy, and makes you want to be better. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, we don’t know but. Love keeps us together and if anyone we know is about to give up then we become the cheerleader in their life to motivate them because we love them. We all have heard about Romeo and Juliet and how they were meant to be together. There were many songs about what is love and how it happens but the one “Zoobie Doobie” from “3 Idiots” is my favorite as it shows how love happens in a comical yet touching every string of heart with the lines like ” bheegi bheegi Saari mei, Yun thumke lgati tu, jaisa filmo mei Hota hai, ho rha h hu-ba-hu”.

Love Is Immortal

Love is when a person randomly pleases notes in between logbook pages because the person knows it would make the other person feel very special and make them smile.

Love can be very different in ways. It can vary from person to person. It can be towards your parents, siblings, friends, or that special person from your dreams. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha or Some people fall in love at first sight where a person can instantly fall in love with another person within seconds or minutes of their first meeting even if the two of them don’t have any previous interaction. Love is purely dependent on a person liking the other person’s features such as his nature, his way of showing love, respect, the way they speak, or features such as the body shape, the color of the eyes or hair or any other body part they are attracted too. Love at first sight not always apply to everyone but yes the lovers may have known each other for a while before falling in love. A person treats you like a priority gives you his time and respect and makes you feel special in any way he/she can. You can’t feel this way for everyone, there is always only one person who makes butterflies in your tummy and love you for no reason.

symptoms that show you are in love

Some people finding falling in love with the person who is engaged in a similar activity for the same line of work such as dancers, musicians, teachers, etc. Working together at the same place for hours or working together in the gym may bring you close. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, because Most people fall in love with the person of the same interest like a musician is falling love with the musician, a teacher fall in love with the teacher or scientists find themselves getting attracted to fellow researchers. People also get attracted to people who are very different from each other. Finding love in life is a very special thing that each person deserves to have in their life.

How do you know its love? The special feeling in your heart, increasing your energy, a racing heart, or an accelerating breathing as well as loss of appetite, anxiety, panic, etc. When a person is afraid of losing another person that is love. Love is when a person does not do things their partners love but still do them to bring a smile on their partners face. Love is when two persons help each other to grow academically, financially spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Going on dates having fun together, spending time together, loving each other’s flaws, cracking jokes, making fun of each other is what you call love.

Love Has Stages But No Ages


Can love be defined in words? Can love be measured with any equipment? No, it can only be expressed and has stages but no ages, Love is not just a four-letter word but a bunch of emotions and feelings. Love isn’t complex, but sure the people make it tough and complex to even understand. love has stages but no ages, It’s a gift to us from the universe which we most of the time don’t value. Oh well, that’s the human tendency to overlook all the good things they have got. But do we even ever try to see the love, yes I mean of course “feel the love” that the other person is trying to give us? love has stages but no ages, But why do we overlook it? In today’s generation, people are trying to be independent and which is surely a good thing but is being misinterpreted by most of them. Love has stages but no ages, Today everyone is in a race for getting the glory of success which here is directly proportional to the bank balance, and no doubt it is in turn directly proportional to being independent and this is a race in which we have forgotten what love feels like.

love has no age
Though love is not only about bringing fancy gifts for each other or about having those “goals” tagged pictures but of course more of spending time and having those quality moments where they both get to understand each other more and yes more than that as well. It does not have any boundaries and sure when it goes beyond the limit it wins. Well, love has stages but no ages.
When my grandfather was young, young as between the ages of 6 to 7 he requested his parents to get him a pet and that to a dog. After a lot of hustle-bustle, he finally was allowed to get a German Shepherd. I don’t know why every other person has a crush on dogs! Well my this question was answered by my grandfather only. He told me that whenever anyone pets any animal, they both exchange a part of their feelings, emotions, and heart that ties those cords of love, and this time I assure you that this is the purest love. The purest form of love you can ever get from anyone and from what he has ever received. This is the one best thing that even after those bad days they are always with you, by your side, making the scenario cozy and lovable. For time being I thought to date a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd because I was so impressed with this love story.

love has no age
When he entered in his teenage he made a friend, a female friend whom he admired a lot as he found her personality a lot attractive and she lived in his neighborhood as which was plus point since whenever he felt low or wanted to play his first option was always going her house and then spending time and studying as well. Eventually, with the growing time, they became best friends. Since they have been spending a lot of time playing and for instance she was his first female friend in his growing stage. They both had a sense of belonging for each other which made their friendship strong and they were quite comfortable with each other which also made them speak the truth always to each other
We have always heard that love affairs weren’t common during those times but here the story was different. When they both entered their adulthood they both fell in love though they had different colleges and then different jobs but what worked here was the trust and the sense of understanding, obviously what they have developed with the moving time and growing years. These factors form the roots of relationships which builds the strength of every other factor.
Though love marriages were also not common at that time, they figured out some way of disclosing this in front of their parents which required guts from both sides. Well, here they learned that when love stands with truth it always wins. After a few years, they got married that must have been sounded quite obvious over here but in today’s time, it isn’t. People are having relationships or partners to pass their spare time which is just for namesake and this is the reason why most of them end without any end.

love has no age
Well, you must be wondering about the dog, sad but he passed away in my grandfather’s teenage. He was quite old at that time but he also taught us a lesson. A lesson of eternal love. Yes, love shouldn’t be materialistic or situation bound but eternal. Eternal love has no limits and yes no end. It’s just the best and the most powerful feeling you could ever feel. And the one that even death could not separate them.

Symptoms That Show You Are In Love


When a person is in love this is one of the most common symptoms that show you are in love. One doesn’t handle the things the way he or she used to. Even things around you seem different. Things that used to bother you don’ t bother anymore. You feel more positivity in you and the irony is you aren’t sometimes able to recognize where is it coming from. Your perspective changes towards the things and one may find it unbelievable how things can change in your life because of love. You get angry less and stay happy more. You always have more reasons to smile and stay excited. 

symptoms that show you are in love


Every human on this planet surely has good and bad sides. But someone said it just very right that “love is blind” and this is what doesn’t let a person see the bad sides of your special ones. Even if your mind notices something called a bad side then your heart dominates over your mind and ignores all those things smoothly. Love is something that connects you with someone else emotionally as well as mentally and a perfect being doesn’t exist so it’s okay to ignore the flaws because you might have also some flaws in you. This is one of the symptoms that show you are in love


Love is something that doesn’t go in sync with the brain, because if the brain runs a person in love then actually that’s not love but something else. Taking decisions from your heart for only a specific person is special and that is what love is all about. This is quite natural to happen and there is nothing wrong with that but one should not take decisions from the heart for everyone in his or her life because in that case that’s not love but emotional foolishness. Heart rules over your brain when you are in love and this has been proved even scientifically. This is also one of the symptoms that show you are in love

symptoms that show you are in love


This is one of the best things about love. The feeling that you never want to lose, never want to change ever. It always makes you feel confident enough to face all the hurdles in your way out there. You feel you have someone to support you, someone who can just hold you even if you fall, someone who would accept you the way you are, someone who doesn’t judge you from your success and failures, someone who motivates you to be more. One can feel that he or she can achieve any goal if they are together. It also makes you feel you are someone who is meant to be special for someone. You don’t feel left out or alone even if you are.


This is a symptom that differentiates love and attraction. If you are attracted to someone then you would want to be with someone but for a while. But in love, the time just keeps flowing and it always seems less no matter how much you have spent already. You always keep on finding excuses to meet your special ones and to spend more time with them. You set them as your priority and they are the ones who always remain in your mind and heart. You also want them to spend all the time with you and yourself as their priority. When you are away from your love, mentally you always remain near them. You always take out time for them no matter how busy you are running out there.

Jealous Or Insecurity


If someone can get so connected to someone else intentionally that they can feel the ups and downs of their partner’s life even when not with them then only love can do so. And when something of this sort starts then unsaid is heard by each other and the understanding gets deeper. In such cases, even distances don’t matter for two people. When you can understand the needs without even asking and you also understand the actions then it’s only your understanding built on the pillar of love. This is what makes love more genuine and stronger.


It’s often noticed that people try to adapt themselves to get compatible for the ones whom they love rather they don’t understand that he or she has been loved for who they are and not for changing themselves. You loved someone because of their genuineness, honesty, and whoever he or she is. By changing yourself you might be getting compatible but also losing your characteristics of being loved. This is also the reason why you suddenly become protective and possessive for a specific person. Don’t change yourself and you won’t let your partner change if your love is real. You should always accept them the way they are. 

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?

Love, one word that describes many emotions. Love can be for anybody or anything. Love is an emotion not many can express. Love can be for family, pets, place, that special person, etc. Love is one such emotion that can teach you the most important lessons in one’s life. Love is that feeling that becomes the very foundation of a relationship without which a relationship just becomes mechanical. The three most essential elements for a successful relationship are LOVE, TRUST & UNDERSTANDING.

Love is that beautiful feeling that would make you smile like an idiot for no reason when you are together and the same memories of the person would make you burst into tears when you are apart. Love creates many unforgettable memories when this love succeeds these memories are blissful to remember, but when it fails the same memories become sorrowful. Love can make you feel happiest when you are together and saddest when separated.

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?

I believe the word love would bring back memories in every person’s life, good or bad but I feel everybody has come across love. Relationships are an essential part of everyone’s life, everybody needs somebody or the other. Relationships are always not a success, many people fail in love. There are several reasons why a relationship does not last. One such reason for a relationship to fail is jealousy or insecurity. As little it may sound, it plays a huge role in relationships, which ignored becomes the major reason for a relationship to end.


Jealousy and insecurity have a very thin line which differentiates them both. Jealousy is usually due to external factors, whereas insecurity arises due to internal factors. A simple example is when a girl is spending time with her friend more than her boyfriend, the boy is jealous because he can not spend more time with her. This is jealousy, whereas in the same scenario if the boy feels that his girl might be cheating him, This can be called as insecurities. They usually arise due to a lack of trust, lack of communication, etc. Insecurities are harmful to Love. For love to last jealousy is fine, in fact where there is love, there is jealousy, but it’s not the same with insecurities.

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?


One thing has to be made clear, that is it’s not loving that fails it’s the people in the relationship who fail to make love stronger than their differences. People even when getting separated still have feelings for each other, it is just that their differences have won over their love.
The majority of the relationships fail because of a lack of communication. If partners could only communicate better would their differences look smaller in front of their love? It is only when u don’t communicate properly that problems like Insecurities, Trust issues, etc arise.
Love, as beautiful as it sounds, has its dark side too. Love to last requires sacrifices, which in the modern day is very difficult to find. For a relationship to last, people must be willing to make sacrifices for each other if required.

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?



Love is complicated, making a relationship work may be hard sometimes but if there is love then nothing is impossible. For a relationship to last you must always trust your partner, support them in their endeavors, comfort them in their sorrows, care for them, give them little surprises, etc. The list may seem long but when its love, it’s never enough.

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?


Expectations are the mother of the destruction of relationships. Expectations when not met often lead to disappointments, which sometimes become a reason for a relationship to fail. The expectation is a Bane to me, expectations usually set up a standard in the mind which when not met often leads to grave disappointments.
Love is one such feeling which must be free from expectations otherwise can prove harmful to a relationship. Love is a blessing that everyone gets but only a few get to be in.

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?


You know it’s love when spending time with them is all you want.
You know it’s love when you don’t want your first ride to come to an end.
You know it’s love when you realize it’s this person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.
You know it’s love, when you smile whenever you think about them.
You know it’s love when the thought of losing them wets your eyes.
You know it’s love when all you want to hear is them calling you mine.


I don’t know whether to call this feeling a blessing or a curse.
Happiness like we’ve never felt before or,
Pain that we never expected for.
Dreams which make us smile or reality that breaks us apart.
Love is what brings us together, Differences is what tears us apart.

50 Health Benefits Of Love | Relationship Benefits

Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs related to robust feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and recognition for another person. For example, a person may say he or she loves his or her dog, loves freedom, or loves God.

Love is all about being with the person with whom you are emotionally attached. Love can be expressed in many forms. It’s not important that love exists only between the couples, love can also exist between a child and a parent, pets, etc.

In other words, a healthy love method we are chargeable for our happiness. … For healthy like to exist among partners, they must first apprehend and be given that happiness in a dating relies upon whether or not the people within the relationship have developed (independently) right into a whole, stable person. We are going to know about 50 Health Benefits Of Love.

50 Health Benefits Of Love

 Love is very beneficial for our health

50 Health Benefits Of Love

  1. people have fewer doctor visits and shorter average clinic stays.
  2. Another idea is that humans in desirable relationships take higher care of themselves. A spouse may preserve you sincerely to your oral hygiene. A pleasant friend could inspire you to eat more complete grains. Over time, these top conduct translate to fewer illnesses.
  3. Less Depression & Substance Abuse
  4. According to the Health and Human Services report, getting married and staying married reduces despair in both men and women. This finding is not surprising, Reis says, because social isolation is connected to better prices of despair.
  5. Lower Blood Pressure
  6. Happy love is right for your blood pressure. That’s the belief of a look at within the Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Researchers determined fortuitously loved human beings had exceptional blood pressure, observed utilizing singles.
  7. A healthy coronary heart
  8. The symbol for romance should be a heart, given all the coronary heart health blessings of being in love. Married human beings enjoy 1/2 the danger of death from heart ailment than that of unmarried or divorced guys and women.
  9. Less stress
  10. Besides the physical fitness blessings, being in love works wonders for your mental health as well. Love, marriage, and average wellbeing lessen pressure, which additionally strengthens your immune device.
  11. Better Stress Management
  12. love enables to manipulate the pressure as you can still share their emotions with the loved ones and get assist to manipulate them quicker.
  13. Fewer Colds
  14. We’ve seen that loving relationships can reduce pressure, anxiety, and depression — a reality that can deliver the immune gadget an increase.
  15. Faster Healing
  16. The power of a high-quality relationship may additionally make flesh wounds heal faster. The humans in love heal quicker for every different to keep each other happy.
  17. Longer Life
  18. A growing body of studies indicates that loving people live longer. One of the biggest studies examines the impact of affection on mortality during an eight-yr period within the 1990s.
  19. Happier Life
  20. It may additionally appear obvious that considered one of love’s greatest blessings is joy.
  21. We bolster our immune systems
  22. It by no means fails: the instant we revel in heightened pressure levels, both from paintings or private conflicts, a cold is certain to follow.
  23. We are extra physically fit
  24. When it’s difficult to maintain inspired to workout and consume right, the help of an excellent friend can provide you with a wanted boost to live on track. New romantic relationships are a boon to weight reduction and good fitness seeing that we want to look and act our very fine for that unique someone.
  25. We enjoy precise heart fitness
  26. When your fundamental squeeze makes your coronary heart race, it’s giving your coronary heart a wholesome workout. 
  27. Hugging your accomplice is an instant strain reliever.
  28. Couples’ heartbeats synchronize.
  29. Being in love is the number one reason why humans marry
  30. Cuddling is ideal for you as it makes your mind calm.
  31. Being in love positively shapes your personality.
  32. Loving from a long-distance sincerely strengthens a relationship.
  33. Love and laughter pass hand in hand.
  34. Being in love cuts headache frequency in half- If you suffer from chronic headaches and can not discover whatever to ease the pain, then love might just be the name of the game solution you’ve got been ready for.
  35. It makes you extra empathetic and in tune along with your emotions.
  36. It makes you do crazy matters and add a laugh to your life which you needed.
  37. Red roses are the flowers of love.
  38. Love and lust mild up different regions of the brain.
  39. It makes people feel special in the world.
  40. It makes people think that there is someone special for them in the world who are always there with them to share their problems.
  41. Love is the most important thing needed by pets so it helps them to stay healthy.
  42. Loving parents and making them happy by doing what they say can make them stay happy.
  43. Love is always in the air, one just needs to feel it.
  44. Love makes you healthier than ever before
  45. Love increases your stamina
  46. Love also increases work capacity. If you are in love, you will work more than ever before
  47. Love keeps you happy and people around you become also happy with that positive vibes
  48. Love to make your thinking power faster.

love make you a better person


These are the 50 Health Benefits Of Love, The conclusion we get is that love is always healthy and it is just a matter of how people see them.

How Can Love Makes You a Better Person?

Love is the best feeling one can experience. A person starts loving the moment he is born. The purest form of love we experience is when we are born. The love we get from our parents is unmatchable. As we grow, we get love from our siblings, who love us so much that they can do anything to make us happy. Then you find love in a person whom you make your better half, the person you get married to. You decide to spend your whole life with that person. And then, you have a love for your children, whom you expect to love the same way your parents did to you. The more you love, the more love makes you a better person. A person tends to love himself, which is an important thing in life. We are surrounded by love from birth until death. We just need to understand every form of love.


Love helps you differentiate between right and wrong When you are in love, you get to understand life in a better way. You get to know what is wrong and what is right. Love is more than words; you understand things that are not spoken of. Before you commit a mistake, you get to know what you are doing is not right; and hence you avoid doing it. Even if you commit a mistake, you agree to it when you are made to understand what mistake you have done. The word EGO is terminated from your life the moment you understand the importance of love. Let’s take a situation to understand this better. Suppose, you are leaving for work on a Monday morning. Generally, you drive yourself to the office on a Motorcycle. As you are getting late for the office, you forget your helmet. The smiling faces of your loved one’s flashes in front of your eyes just as you start your bike. What you do next? You get off from the vehicle and walk into your house to get the helmet. Just as you enter the house, you see your mother holding the helmet in her hand, rushing towards you.

pros and cons of love

This is a situation where you understand what you were doing is wrong; hence you did not do it. You understand how love makes you a better person and how you differentiate between right and wrong. Love is selfless The purest form of love is always selfless. You tend to love the person more than yourself. You think of them before yourself. That is the purest form of love. Your parents are the best example of what is mentioned. Even if you are having bad days, you have lost your job, your car is broken, you don’t have a place to live; you will always have your parents by your side. The way your parents love you is unconditional. Even if you have only one bread to eat during bad days, they will sleep hungry but won’t let you sleep hungry. If you become selfish in love, the existence of love vanishes. Not only parents but your siblings, your other half, your children, your pet, all love you selflessly and so do you. Seeing this love, you won’t do any such things which would hurt them in any way. If you are selfish in love, it is not loved. You don’t want to change the person; you accept the person as he is. The person himself changes for the better. That is called selfless love. If you experience this kind of love, you are the luckiest person in the universe. Love is without expectations Love is never give and take policy; it is giving and not expecting anything in return.


Expectations kill love. Expectations by its nature always tend to increase. You can never satisfy your expectations. Similarly, if you have expectations in love, you will always be disappointed. To love is to not expect anything in return. Just accepting that you love the person and don’t want anything in return makes it a lot easier to be happy. Love is not an investment in which you look for returns. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world which doesn’t require any returns. Love is freedom. You cannot and should not cage the person you love. You should just love them and set them free. I learned this from my mother. When I was only eight years old, I had a parrot as a pet which I kept in a cage. My mother asked me why did I keep it in the cage. I was a kid told my mother that I keep it in the cage because it is mine and I love it. My mother told, “if you have to keep it in a cage, how is it yours?” Listening to my mother, I opened the cage and let it fly. I waited for a few minutes and when it did not return, I started to sob. Two hours later, it flew in and sat on my shoulder. My mother told, “Now it is yours.” This was a very good lesson my mother taught me at a very young age. This is not just enough on what we can say about love. This is a feeling that will always make you better as a person. It enhances your qualities and you become a better person.