Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life


While the billions of people would agree that life is a very hard journey and this journey have so many ups and downs that most people live in the fear and preparation of next down throughout life. But as famously referred human being is “a being in the search of meaning”. And we constantly search for the reasons So that the struggle would make sense and we embrace this unpredictable journey. Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life?

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

With the rapid change in culture, we have reached a point where we have two versions of finding the meaning of life. Where the long way is to fulfill your dreams and create stuff that will last after you.

And the second one is by finding love. And as love is more emphasized upon in all fairy tales people go towards to find it in such a hurry as they want to live their whole life just now, find its meaning just now and understand all of it before even living it. 

Love is by far the best tool to carry on this journey.

Love is by far the strongest positive emotion present in humans only to be matched by faith, whose effects are exhilarating and energetic enough for a person to handle most of the life’s stress.

So if life is such a necessity of life, why not everybody has it?

While having love is not a right that but it’s certainly an ingredient needed to learn the art of living. And as art is always different so do the composition of its ingredients. This clearly implies that love can never be found but only be created and isn’t obliged to have a predefined set of steps to or a concrete definition.


How love works for us?

Radically, we are the result of evolution and the process in it which leaves us to enjoy life as a blessing being given and enhance it to pass it on to the ones after us. 

While we are made into a whole 100 percent in species but we ignore this fact of us having a 100 percent potential in us because of our version of the act of growing Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of lifewhich sounds simple when the numbers just go to 100 and not beyond that. So we never reach near our 100 percent and even at our best is somewhere at 90 percent of potential.

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

As you can see in the 4 fundamentals of life, emotional is the vaguest, as there are not many established checkpoints in it. And people not embrace the downs as gracefully as the ups unless they are thinking the all of it as a whole part of the journey.

And that’s the great thing about love as an emotion it helps us to find positive meaning in situations to add them to enhance your emotional being greatly.

Love is the only thing that allows us to work beyond our potential and raise it to a level we don’t think of as two persons are giving their full into each other.

This gives both the chance to work at nearby 150 to 180 percent potential as the positive feeling grows in both the partners throughout the process.

Actually! It’s not always comfy and great!

While now you are thrilled of the fact of the working beyond your potential, it’s not

Always that great. Love as being an authentic and pure mutual emotion, takes a great amount of time to get established. And both parts should give them to a great extent into their “us”. To finally the “us” starts being their best tool to live through life. And with most of this century being impatient this makes this scenario rarer to happen. 


On top of that, today love has changed so many forms that we mostly think of is an item that needs to collect and mostly from a person of the opposite gender. And Although we all think of ourselves as the same the truth is we are not. And because of this, different persons can’t be satisfied the same in life by the same type of item. Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

This is why people are always puzzled about whether there is true love in life or not.

While now you would have realized love isn’t that easy either. The best way to give yourself the chance to create this is by going with the 1st option. As the act of going after your dreams is an act of self-love and the harder you fight to make them happen. The more you get committed to yourself, And the more a human is in love with him/herself. The more he can create love with others. At the end of this you will realize that love helps you to simplify the fact that for a great scene to happen, you need a steeper mountain and deeper valley. So that you can now sit back and enjoy the view aka life. Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life?

Yes, we can say that.

“Life itself is a blessing to you and love is the way you will realize it”


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