Did you Found your true Love? Or its Just an Oxytocin Rush

 Did you Found your true Love?  

Post-independence India believed in marriage and procreation was the only goal of a human life. There was a saying “First you Marry, then you procreate and provide your child with a better life and if life permits, go for love”. While the present-day Indian Youth have the exact opposite viewpoints. Every single person is expected to have a partner and a relationship before the official marriage. Even marriages are going out of trend and are being replaced by the so-called live-in relationships. So the question arises: Did you found your true love

Did you Found your true Love



Science with its recent developments has proved that love is a need for humans and Oxytocin the infamous “Love Hormone” is a basic necessity to control anger and depression. But the perception of love in today’s generation is completely different and is against the very argument that love prevents depression. Did you Found your true Love
Suicide rates have surged in the world and India being highest among them. While there can be many reasons, Love-Failure is considered to be the biggest culprit among them. A report by CNN states that “Love is the number one reason behind suicides” But WHY IS IT SO?


This can be divided into two categories

  • Social Reasons
  • Biological Reasons

Social Reasons-

Every single one of us has always faced the wrath of society and our friends. I can recall some instances from my life as well and here it goes,
I have always been an introvert or that “shy guy” every group has. Though I don’t act like an introvert with my friends and I feel different while I talk to strangers. Making new friends has been so difficult for me let alone new girlfriends. Being from a conservative Indian family, my mom always says that “get a job with a handsome salary so that it’ll be easy to get a bride someday”. Both these factors made me stop caring about getting a girlfriend and that indeed made me good at studies.

Did you Found your true Love
It was all going well until all my friends had a partner. I kind of developed a fear of visiting my Whatsapp status page. Every status you see had given me some kind of a jealous feeling towards my friends and somehow even reduced my self-confidence. The growing pressure from my friends to get a girlfriend was so painful and exhausting for me.
Like any teenager would do, the internet was the easiest option to know the operational details about making a girlfriend (pun intended). And I would spend hours researching the details. Saw thousands of cringeworthy articles and videos on youtube and other platforms. so trust me guys “101 hacks to find a girlfriend” doesn’t work, sigh.
With all these, I was somehow getting connected off from my family, especially my mother and my dear friends. A sudden realization came and I started to self-introspect. I asked myself “Do I need a girlfriend? , or I just desire because my friends say so ?’’ which made me ask myself that “ are girls just some kind of a toy who are free to use when needed and throw them away in case the need vanishes? ’’. This made me think the number of heartbreaks millions of people had to go through every day just because of the reason that they trusted the other guy with their Love and Time. I had a dual feeling that how evil the world is and at the same time how innocent the world is too.
This brings us to the point, how love is being accused of being the biggest killer in the world while love has actually no part in this. Bad people hiding behind the mask of love the culprit here.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Biological Reasons:-

Oxytocin, what is it and how am I related to it? might be the question you should be asking right. To know about it, see the contrast in my story and the story of my friend here…
We do have friends in our groups who are smart, good looking, and have an interesting character and attitude. They are the ones who are famous across the college community.
The guy I am talking about also has the same fan following in the college. To be honest, he was famous during his school days too, so getting a girlfriend was never an issue for him. Every other day he has someone new. Ya I know it’s like too much. Hey, Please don’t think me as the only person who was jealous of him.
Every here and there whenever I met him, the only question I had was “What is the secret of your success?”, yes he was the success I had ever dreamt of during my school life. He would reply with just a smile which in case you wonder, increases my jealousy level a thousand times. The next question from me would be like “ why the heck are you with another person every time I see you ??”. The smile goes off and he would just timidly answer “ ya, it didn’t work for us”. The surprise face I made after listening to it was worth a view. Did you Found your true Love?  do you think so?
But why was this? The real reason is oxytocin.it is a chemical released when we feel love. Since there was no true love, no emotional connection, he just got bored of the brief increase of oxytocin and felt the urge to get someone new who would start the same cycle again and again.
This devastates the life of the girl who might have felt true love with him. Now we can recollect why people are accusing love as a reason here. Their allegation is not false but the criminal is not loved rather the person who hides behind this mask.

Final Words….

Love is beautiful, divine, and indescribable. It’s an emotion no author can, even the great Shakespeare couldn’t describe.
Love is infinite, the more you devote the deeper your find yourself in. Nothing in the world is more beautiful and divine than Pristine Love.
The only problem with today’s youth is that they are running behind the pleasure of love instead of the divine feeling that love serves us. The reason can that, love is still seen as a taboo in Asian countries especially southeast Asia. People are conservative in ideology but the fun fact is that the highest population belongs to this part of the world. Hypocrisy much!
Finally, Love is something that happens and you should possess the knowledge to differentiate between true love and infatuation. The hearts of the Indian youth left only with the feelings of hatred, jealousy, and Rage. The youth needs to set its priorities right and should only love to feel not to show! So ask you a question, Did you Found your true Love? 


Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not


The experience of falling in love is unique for each individual, including the time taken for each sensation and emotion to intensify and get identified. You might be a believer of love at first sight, or maybe a bit of a cynic and require more time to evolve strong feelings for someone. today we discuss Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not 
The definition of love can be different for everyone, whatever it might be for you, we all would agree that love is no less than a virus that captures your mind, and your heart of course. So, here are 30 symptoms that you’re in love with someone (admit it or not ;).Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not 

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Match your feeling whether you are in love 

1. That glowing face -now, however, straight out of a Rom-com this might sound however, it’s true. When you’re in love you have all these exciting and all things happy kinda thoughts going on in your mind ALL THE TIME, which tend to reflect on your face.

2. All you think about is them – you think about a hundred thoughts and they are ninety-nine, come on, you have to agree with me on this. They never hop-off your train of thoughts. They are all you think about.

3. Turning into a daydreamer? – when all you can think of is that person, you start creating situations in your head which you’re well aware of might never happen, but you still like to imagine or start daydreaming to be precise.

4. That constant smile – when you see them, hear their name in a conversation, or even think of them, you can’t help smiling. If someone around you takes their name it brings a smile on your face you turn into this happy person for no particular reason.

5. Everything reminds you of them – the smallest of things remind you of them. Be it drinking coffee, you would recall that one time you had coffee with them. No matter what, wherever you go, whatever you do, you think of them. It’s a strange feeling you can’t help. They just pop into your head randomly.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

6. The one in a million feelings – in a room full of all kinds of people, your eyes are stuck at them. You can’t help but notice only that one person in the entire crowd. It’s not even intentional, it just happens. So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

7. Checking your phone a lot – these days most of the people are already kind of glued to their phones. But if you’re in love, you may find yourself even more eager to respond to a text message as quick as you can or even more likely to pick up a phone call, although not many of us are fans of a phone call we prefer texting but in love all your phone anxiety just tends to vanish, because you might want to make an exception for a special person.

8. You find reasons to meet them – you would find the smallest of excuses to see them. And you always want to see them, literally every day. You could even fake being sick for them to come and look you up.

9. Remembering the little things – if you’re in love you would remember the smallest of things or details about that person or even about that one little phone call with them. Like their favorite color, sport, TV show, food. What they wore the other day or how they had done their hair. Any and everything.

10. Can’t stop staring at them – this is one of the most common and evident symptoms of love. You can’t help but stare at that person all the time. Your eyes automatically blur out everything else.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

11. Your likes and dislikes tend to become the same – maybe this is some kind of a love influence but if you’re in love with someone, over some time you start liking what they liking or hating what they hate. Or could be a person or a thing. If he/she likes their mum more than their dad, it influences your choice.

12. You find yourself always talking about them – You can’t do anything about it. Someone around you would just say or do something that reminds you of them and before you know it you’re talking about them. No matter whom you’re talking to. You could be talking to someone sitting next to you in a metro, or your mom, and they’ll still come up in conversation.

13. You re-read their text messages – you cannot deny this, You keep the entire text conversation you have with them. Receiving a text from them makes you smile, and you read it again just to feel good. Even when you’re feeling low all you have to do is re-read the conversation you had with them a few days ago and it makes you smile again. Even if you’re someone that deletes your emails and texts often, with this person, you won’t. Because their texts brighten your day and make you smile from ear to ear.

14. You lose track of time and no amount of time spent with him is ever enough – you could have hours-long conversations with them on the phone or in person, but it won’t feel long enough. At the end of the day, It would still feel like you just spent a few minutes. It’s never enough.

15. You have more energy – You start to feel more lively and active, as if you have a constant adrenaline rush. There is this sudden energy boost that lifts your mood and gets you excited. It’s a deranged feeling, it feels like you’re high on life.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

16. You get defensive when your friends or family is negative about them – maybe normally it wouldn’t bother you, like when they talked about any other friend of yours or a guy u dated before, but in this case, things are a little different. You have now suddenly developed a defense mechanism which makes you want to protect them as a reflex if anyone says anything even close to rude about them.

17. You can talk to them about ANYTHING – if you’re in love, you’re totally comfortable around them. You become quite vulnerable to them. You would share things which normally you only would have shared with your best friend.

18. They make you feel good about yourself – if you’re in love, you’re comfortable around that person and they make you feel like you are enough and you are perfect just the way you are, and of course, you do the same for them.

19. You’re less attracted to others – the guys or girls you found hot/handsome/beautiful, nope. That’s not how you feel anymore. That one person is now the definition of all of the above for you. And if you even think of being with someone else, a part of you doesn’t agree to it. If in love, you will not feel attracted to others anymore. All you want is them.

20. You remember all the firsts – if you’re in love with someone you would never be able to forget the first time you met or the first time you held each other’s hand or the first phone call. If you’re good with dates then you’d remember those too or else you would remember the feeling, situation, atmosphere. Little moments with them are special memories. And you’ll remember every detail.

21. You feel safe when you’re around them – It’s not easy to explain how this feels, but it is the loveliest feeling. With them around, you feel like nothing could hurt you or nothing could go wrong.

22. You want to show them all of your favorite things – you do this because you want them to know you more than anyone else does, you want them to be your closest. You’re not doing this to try and make them like what you do.

23. Whenever outside, you’re on the lookout for things you know they would like – you’re not out in the store just for your self now, the things you used to casually walk by in the store normally, are now looked at thinking about them.

24. They become a priority – this goes without saying, if you’re in love with someone, they by default top your priority list. If we see in general, no one has the time, everyone’s busy with something or the other, but if someones your priority, you will make time for them no matter how busy you are.

25. Their traits become your traits – when you’re in love and you get to know the person more and more your perceptions start to consolidate on their own, you may even start to dress or talk like the person you’re in love with, it happens.

26. You see a future with them – if you’re in love, this will happen. Youll start imagining going to parties together or going on a trip with them or sometimes people even go on imagining a wedding with that person.

27. Trying to get to know what they think of you – if you are in love, you desperately want to know how that person feels about you?, does he/she like me?, are the feelings mutual? Etc. And all these questions really bother you.

28. You want to know all their stories – When we are in love with someone, we can’t get enough of that person. We become extremely curious to know all about their lives. How they grew up? whats their family like?, how did they get that scar on their forehead? Everything. You would probably not go this deep into stories with someone you’re only infatuated or attracted to, this happens only in love.

29. You tend to get protective of them – you can call it being jealous or possessive if you like. But this does happen after a point of time, you do not like to see them with someone else especially if they share a similar bond with someone other than you, you tend to not like that.

30. You find the weirdest stuff about them to be cute – when in love, you seem to like everything about that person. You might get grossed out normally if you see someone doing something weird, but if they do it automatically looks cute to you. Nope, logic doesn’t work ere in love.


So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Symptoms That Show You Are In Love


When a person is in love this is one of the most common symptoms that show you are in love. One doesn’t handle the things the way he or she used to. Even things around you seem different. Things that used to bother you don’ t bother anymore. You feel more positivity in you and the irony is you aren’t sometimes able to recognize where is it coming from. Your perspective changes towards the things and one may find it unbelievable how things can change in your life because of love. You get angry less and stay happy more. You always have more reasons to smile and stay excited. 

symptoms that show you are in love


Every human on this planet surely has good and bad sides. But someone said it just very right that “love is blind” and this is what doesn’t let a person see the bad sides of your special ones. Even if your mind notices something called a bad side then your heart dominates over your mind and ignores all those things smoothly. Love is something that connects you with someone else emotionally as well as mentally and a perfect being doesn’t exist so it’s okay to ignore the flaws because you might have also some flaws in you. This is one of the symptoms that show you are in love


Love is something that doesn’t go in sync with the brain, because if the brain runs a person in love then actually that’s not love but something else. Taking decisions from your heart for only a specific person is special and that is what love is all about. This is quite natural to happen and there is nothing wrong with that but one should not take decisions from the heart for everyone in his or her life because in that case that’s not love but emotional foolishness. Heart rules over your brain when you are in love and this has been proved even scientifically. This is also one of the symptoms that show you are in love

symptoms that show you are in love


This is one of the best things about love. The feeling that you never want to lose, never want to change ever. It always makes you feel confident enough to face all the hurdles in your way out there. You feel you have someone to support you, someone who can just hold you even if you fall, someone who would accept you the way you are, someone who doesn’t judge you from your success and failures, someone who motivates you to be more. One can feel that he or she can achieve any goal if they are together. It also makes you feel you are someone who is meant to be special for someone. You don’t feel left out or alone even if you are.


This is a symptom that differentiates love and attraction. If you are attracted to someone then you would want to be with someone but for a while. But in love, the time just keeps flowing and it always seems less no matter how much you have spent already. You always keep on finding excuses to meet your special ones and to spend more time with them. You set them as your priority and they are the ones who always remain in your mind and heart. You also want them to spend all the time with you and yourself as their priority. When you are away from your love, mentally you always remain near them. You always take out time for them no matter how busy you are running out there.

Jealous Or Insecurity


If someone can get so connected to someone else intentionally that they can feel the ups and downs of their partner’s life even when not with them then only love can do so. And when something of this sort starts then unsaid is heard by each other and the understanding gets deeper. In such cases, even distances don’t matter for two people. When you can understand the needs without even asking and you also understand the actions then it’s only your understanding built on the pillar of love. This is what makes love more genuine and stronger.


It’s often noticed that people try to adapt themselves to get compatible for the ones whom they love rather they don’t understand that he or she has been loved for who they are and not for changing themselves. You loved someone because of their genuineness, honesty, and whoever he or she is. By changing yourself you might be getting compatible but also losing your characteristics of being loved. This is also the reason why you suddenly become protective and possessive for a specific person. Don’t change yourself and you won’t let your partner change if your love is real. You should always accept them the way they are.