7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.


How To Maintain Spark In Relationship


 Love –easy to fall in but an uphill task to balance. But what exactly is love? Love is a philosophy of life that runs on intimacy, passion, and commitment. Thinking about being in love with someone from head to toe gives you butterflies in your stomach. But with time that spark that you had, in the beginning, fades away resulting in conflicts and fights. 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship. 

love has no age

“Of all forms of cautions, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness” 

Here are 7 ways that will help you in never losing that spark in your love life :

  1.  Communicate with them-

Communication plays a key role in a relationship. According, to a study by the University of Georgia – “ Good communication leads to marital satisfaction “. Not everyone in this world is good at understanding gestures. Therefore, if you want to tell someone about how you truly feel, the only effective way is communicating with them. Every relationship has its ups and downs but a relationship with good communication could get past all those difficult phases of life. Pouring your heart out and letting them know you inside out is one of the ways to build a healthy relationship. 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

  • Giving each other space-

Every person in this world needs a few moments alone with themselves. And communicating and giving some personal space are like opposite sides of the same coin. You have to maintain a proper balance between these two to love and be loved. Your faith in them helps you in giving each other time to think, analyze and then act. It is a myth that being in a relationship is a Piece of cake, because it is not. You have disagreements and arguments over kinds of stuff, but how you tackle them makes the difference in a strong and a fragile relationship 

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  • Spend time with each other –

Spending quality time with each other gives you and your partner a sense of joy. Go for a movie, or dinner, meet their families, ask them how they are doing? These things are not so much of a big deal when you love someone you got to put some efforts to show it. It might be a little difficult when you are in a long-distance relationship but you could always do the possible things such as- calling them and telling them how much you love them and miss them, surprising them (if possible ), etc.

  • Respect and Intimacy –

Having intimacy in your love life maintains the spark. Love is not only about emotions, but it is also equally about having good relationships in physical terms. Giving each other hugs, kissing, making out and cuddling shows how religiously you are into them. On the other hand, respecting your partner is very important. You can love someone unconditionally but if you don’t respect them or their perspective it’s never going to work out, as everybody wants respect from their partner.

  • Support system –

Your partner always looks up to you when they need support- be it emotional or mental. There are days when they may feel low, depressed, or confused, and you becoming a supportive pillar will surely help them in believing themselves and feeling better. If you do not what to do in such situations, all you could do is sit beside them, hold their hands/hug them and ask them what is wrong and what could YOU do to make it right? If they are not ready to open up at that time just tell them that you are always here for them. This will give them a sense of relief that they can always look up to you if anything happens. Good emotional and moral support helps you in understanding each other better. 

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  • Go for a vacation –

Going on a trip to an exotic and romantic location with your partner automatically fulfills the need of spending time with each other. There are so many beautiful places in this world where you and your partner can go for a short/long trip. And change in surroundings helps in changing mood and feeling good. This method could be an ace card in case of a long-distance relationship, as they hardly see each other due to some reasons. Some of the most exotic and romantic places in the world are- Greece, Paris, Bali, Mauritius, etc. 

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

  •  Stereotype methods –

For some people giving flowers and letters might be a stereotype or cheesy thing. But for others, it is a way of showing affection and gratitude towards their partner. Complementing, asking them out, flirting, and writing letters/small notes about how grateful you are to have them in your life are the most beautiful and romantic ways to express love. 

Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby – awkwardly and often with a great deal of mess. And it all up to the couple to handle that mess carefully and deal with it delicately. The ways mentioned above will always help in making a relationship strong and healthy. And always remember –

If it is real, it will never be over”

So here we know about 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

Do you know what love is | Exact meaning of love

Do you know what love is? 

Well before I begin, I would like to say something. Whatever I write in this article is totally my personal opinion about the topic and has nothing to do with anyone’s personal beliefs regarding the topic. Please try to have an open mind to new or different opinions. And if by any chance (unintentionally) anyone feels offended then I’m sorry in advance. Do you know what love is? 

Now shall we start?

So, what is love? Woah, now that’s too much, to begin with, right? I mean like that’s a really big topic to talk about, right?

Now let’s start with baby steps. So let me just rephrase the question. What is that first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word LOVE?
Think about it. Now all those people who thought of something vulgar (if you know what I mean) or illegal stuff (also if you know what I mean) then I think you might wanna reconsider your priorities and your life choices.

Did you Found your true Love

Now that’s not the point. The point is, someone told me that the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about love is the one thing that you love the most. Now I don’t know if the person who said this knew or not that there are some weird people like me who could love food more than anyone. Like when I did this with myself, the only possible thing I could think of was food. I think I need to get my priorities checked.

Well moving on. So, like I said all I could think of was food. But I really want to know what love is. So I asked a few of my friends what love is. And I got pretty interesting answers to this question.

So one of my friends describes love as a fairytale. One day you meet your prince charming who will sweep you right off your feet. Someone who will be your Knight in shining armor. Someone who will be your “THE ONE”. Now I’ve watched enough fairytales to know that there is a reason why they all are called fairy tales. I mean like you cannot just fall in love and marry a guy you just met. Queen ELSA said this for herself and I support her. I mean like she isn’t wrong, is she? How can you decide that he or she is the one for you? You guys have talked for like 3 minutes, that’s all(I legit counted it). I cannot even decide what to wear for the day even if I have an eternity for it. Then how can someone possibly decide this one so easily? But then that’s what my friend believes love is like.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Now another friend of mine said that love is like the ones we read in MILLS AND BOONS. How a poor girl accidentally bumps into a rich handsome guy. Then they both fall in love and have their happily ever after. Wow. Amazing right?
Now let me tell you the reality, my friend.
Girl, I’ve been broke all my life but never, I repeat never have I ever accidentally, intentionally or unintentionally bumped into a rich handsome guy ever. Like EVER. Let alone fall in love with one. Never has that ever happened to me throughout my 20 years of existence. (Meanwhile, my mom is in the background asking me if I’m crying or not. To that I’m like “No mom I ain’t crying. It’s just my eyes are sweating that’s all. Yeah, that’s just sweat dripping from my eyes. I ain’t crying”)

Honestly, these kinda books should be banned, man. I mean like they make me have all sorts of unexpected expectations about love. Expectations that seem far better than reality. I’m pretty sure every person who has ever read those books had pretty similar expectations as mine. I don’t blame them though. It’s the books that are to be blamed.

But honestly, guys, what was the greatest love story that you have ever heard of or read?

concept of love

Now, most people will probably say Romeo and Juliet. It indeed is the greatest love story. But what does this love story tell us? Well, I don’t know about the others, what I understood was that even if we can’t live together, we surely can die together. I mean like I get the part of “No one can separate us” or “Until death do us apart”. Like ok, I get it that you’re in love and can do anything for each other but is it really worth it. I mean like I’m not saying that dying for the one you love isn’t worth it. But I wouldn’t call it the ideal love story.

My kind of ideal love story would be where you both met when you were kids. Fall in love as you were growing up. Start dating each other during teens. Get married during your mid-twenties. Have kids and start a family of your own during your late twenties. And then have a happily ever after until your late nineties. Chessy right? Some might even say that it’s a pretty old school. But then these kinds of stories are pretty rare in this generation.

You’ll find many people saying that they find it hard to fall in love. I think it’s not about falling in love, it’s about staying in love. People of our generation find it difficult to stay in love with the same person for a long period of time. They get into relationships. And then they say they have lost interest in that person or that they feel like the sparks are gone.
Well honestly if you feel that way then you weren’t in for love in the first place. You were just looking for temporary happiness that’s all. I believe that when you’re in love, you never get tired of that person. Yes, you may have your ups and downs but doesn’t every relationship have it?
But after all this, the question still remains unanswered. What is love? Now I honestly don’t know how to describe love. Well, Google says that it is an intense feeling of deep affection you have for someone or something. Is it the feeling you get when you see someone beautiful? Is it the feeling that others describe that they get butterflies in their belly when they see someone they love? Or is it when they say that your heartbeat gets faster when you’re around the one you love? Or is it the way they write it in books?
Are these honestly what love is? Or is it just the product of someone’s imagination that has been passed onto others for generations? Weird right?
Have you ever thought, how did you ever get to know about the idea of love? Was it the movies? Plays? Books? Or people?

love has no age
Whatever we know about love is through books, movies, or people.
The idea of love has always been told to us by others. They have described it and we have followed it. Do we know how to describe it without using these existing examples?
Think about it carefully and you will realize that none of us knows exactly what love is. When asked about love we’re basically describing someone else’s idea of love.

Now I ain’t a love expert or anything who knows everything about love. So to conclude, I’d say I don’t really know what love is. But I would love to know what love is.

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The Starting:

These are crazy times, you wake up in the morning and you have nowhere to go, you spend the whole day doing super random stuff, like watering the plants and whatnot, you turn on the news, maybe watch a debate that’ll keep you up late until midnight, go to bed and repeat. The coronavirus pandemic has managed to make us all retired before we even began the journey. Anyway, the highlight of my super boring day is the 4 pm tea I have in my small little garden. A date With Love in Corona Virus...Yesterday, when I was enjoying my cup of tea, my mind was shackled by a question, a question that is only 6 words long, but it carries the weight of a planet (yes, I like to exaggerate and no this is not even an exaggeration). “What is the meaning of love?”- Remember that tsunami had shifted the axis of the earth by a few degrees, now that is what this question did to my brain, I could not find an answer to it, or maybe I didn’t have enough words in my mind to formulate an answer to this question. But the quest continued, “What is love?” I asked myself once again, silence. My brain was running so fast I couldn’t compute what was happening. So I did what every engineering student does, break it down and start from the beginning. Leaning back on the chair I closed my eyes to remember when the first time I heard or saw the word was being used. When did it all begin? A Date With Love in Corona Virus

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The origination:

The first time I ever experienced the word” love” being used extensively was in Bollywood movies. One of the recurring subjects in Bollywood movies is love. May it be drama, comedy, or even action genre. Horror has the idea of love too sometimes, classic Bollywood. Love is a common part of most big-screen stories. So I became pretty familiar with the grand gestures of love. Chasing at the airport, being in love with your best friend, and not knowing it, love is born out of so-called ‘hate’, love at inconvenient places and times. All of that cliché. Although I liked watching this unfurl on a screen, I never tried to bring it in my own life, nor did I ever try to make a definition of love based on all this reality escaping the entertainment industry. We, humans, are often subconsciously conditioned because of the entertainment industry, and which often leads to disappointment, because the contrast between the “love” shown on the big screen and the “love” in real lives is pretty severe. However, revisiting those Bollywood love theories in my mind was not a very fruitful process, it did help me realize the fact that maybe theories are too boring, maybe what one needs, in order to know something, learn something, is practical knowledge. Realizing this, I closed the door of the Bollywood theories in my mind and went on wandering, once again in search of the true meaning of love. (I mean, it’s not fun if we talk about Bollywood and not be cheesy)

love has no age

The outreach:

After reheating my cup of tea, I went on to think a bit deeper about love, but this time, I chose to seek help. I thought to myself who are the people who can tell me about love? Who are the ones who could give me a definition of love in the easiest form possible? I kept my cup aside and flipped out my mobile and started texting people. The randomness of this question can be very creepy to anyone who is on the receiving end. The sudden text from me saying “how do you define love?” popped up on at least 10 people who I hadn’t spoken in a while. The replies were slow, which I expected. Some of them even expressed their concern about my wellbeing. However, I did not receive an immediate response, everyone wanted to know the reason. No one wants to give away what love means for them so easily. Maybe they don’t know it too? Or maybe we all become a bit protective and yet vulnerable at the same time when we are talking about love? The replies however were very varied, some of them wrote it in one line and some took multiple paragraphs to tell their version. Some of them automatically assumed love is only restricted to the bounds of a relationship and told me love is about trust and communication, some of them took a rather liberal and honest approach by just sending me a picture of their cats(totally worth it). However, varied the replies were, everyone had their own version.

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The conclusion:

After going through multiple replies and reflecting them and trying to make sense out of it, I still didn’t have that one line which would be the perfect answer to the question, how do you define love. Maybe the answer to this question doesn’t lie in the realm of perfection. Maybe the reason that humans experience this feeling is testimony to the fact that love breathes within imperfections. Maybe love chooses to be imperfect, that’s what makes it so compatible with living beings, especially humans. But that doesn’t give me the definition of love; instead, it takes me back to the place where I started. Everyone I asked had their own version of love, probability tells us that the more people we ask, the more versions we’ll have. There is no point in finding the right definition of the meaning of the word; some say love is the best version of you, people say that about god too. As I am engrossed in these super vivid thoughts, my grandfather walks in. he knows immediately if something’s fishy.

symptoms that show you are in love

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

Love | Pros And Cons Of Love

Whoever said loving someone is the easiest thing in the world, has never known love. Falling in love is never a planned process, loving someone is not an idea but a feeling to be felt. People often mistake flings and admirations to be love. No one can ever define love with mere words bound to the twenty-five alphabets, it’s an impossible task. There are so many pros and cons of love. Love itself stands as the epitome or the lead to various other wonderful feelings in the world including peace, trust, care, patience, loyalty, confidence, and many others which are beyond price.

pros and cons of love


“The meeting of two personalities

Is like the contact of two chemical substances;

If there is any reaction,

Both are transformed”

–         Carl Jung

You’ll never know when you start loving someone. True love never happens with a date or deadline. All of a sudden the presence of a person makes you feel swept up from ground to the seventh cloud level. The person will feel like never before, a person in love creates a separate world of imagination thinking of all happiness and warmth the person can ever ask for. A person in love can go to the extent of doing things he/she has never done or even thought before. Loves come with so many pros and cons. The person develops a soft corner filled with immense love, care, and respect for the other person and often fears to admit it or confront the situation.



“The secret of happiness is low expectations

–         Barry Schwartz


In every relationship there are expectations, be it of any kind. Relationships are built with expectations of each other. As much as a person puts effort into a relationship to last forever, he/she expects the other person to do the same. In today’s world, there are thousands of relationships and affairs which we are aware of through social media or any other field, seeing someone else’s relationship workout and bloom often creates similar expectations from the relationship we are ourselves involved in. Be it a gift or any other warm gesture which has caught our attention, we expect to receive the same from our partners. Often we forget that every person has a different thought process and mentality that makes them a completely different individual, yet special. Keeping expectations from the person one loves does not harm, but, following the trend and expecting your partner to do the same for you brings a position where your partner may feel his/her uniqueness crashed.

benefits of love


“Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal

Completely, or not loyal at all”


Trust, faith, and confidence are some of the irreplaceable pillars of a strong relationship. Every relationship has some pros and cons of love. Living miles apart from each other can never be a big deal if there is the right amount of trust. Trust begins from true love, where there is love there will be trust. No situation or circumstances may influence it. Trust is itself a very delicate subject to be dealt with. It takes months and years to develop but takes minutes to shatter, once lost it can never revert to its previous state. A person in love always tries to keep the trust bond with his/her partner intact. Often in relationships, trust can stand as a weak point. While one person keeps on trusting the other continues taking advantage of it, a person truly in love never thinks of cheating or taking advantage of the other. Blinded by trust, people in love often forget the bars and keeps on pouring affection regardless of the number of times he/she has been cheated, just to hang on to the person. This results in toxic relationships where people forget about their self-worth.

pros and cons of love


“Full-time relationships demand more than part-time dedication”

–          Charlie Farley


                    When in love, be dedicated. No work or relationship in this world works out without full-hearted dedication. A relationship without dedication is just like a phone without service. A dedicated lover always finds a way to mend the problems finding solutions to it. A dedicated lover cares like a parent, scolds like a teacher, and consoles like a best friend. One-sided dedication can never make a relationship work. Listening to each other, helping out in need, and shoring up each other’s confidence in the dedication a person always looks forward to, from someone they love. If this dedication stays constant, the relationship becomes unbreakable. A person in love never gives up and leaves, the only option for them is “solve and stay”.

pros and cons of love


Here are some pros and cons of love. Love is the feeling that fills one with positivity. Love gives every person a reason to love themselves and feel special about their qualities. It gives a person the space to broaden up their perceptions and abandon all negativity that has always haunted them or made them feel low. The happiness and contentment that love brings to one’s life can’t ever be traded against anything in this world. Love teaches everyone the art of living together; it teaches how to pour all our efforts and abilities just to see the smile on the faces of our loved ones. It makes us feel magical, love is magic.


Love often blinds people. In love people often overlook the drawbacks and shortcomings of their loved ones initially and later are hurt. Love makes people take hasty decisions which later are proven harmful. In love, if the immense trust built is broken, people often question themself and often fall in the trap of various mental illnesses like depression. Depression is one of the leading mental health problems the youth worldwide is facing. People indulge in suicides and various other self-harming processes just with the lack of love and care. Hence, toxic love can also make people bury themselves in the grave of loneliness.


Sushant Singh Rajput Committed Suicide


According to current news one of the famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput. committed suicide in his flat of Bandra.

Sushant Singh Rajput (21 January 1986 – 14 June 2020) was an Indian film and television actor, dancer, television personality, and entrepreneur. Rajput started his career with television serials.

His 1st tv show release on star plus that was a romantic Indian drama kis desh me hai mera dil.

He also gives a winning performance in zee tv pavitra Rishta

Some of his known friends are saying that he was in a depression for the last 3 months and his relationship was not working from the last few months.

sushant singh rajput commited suicide

His known friends are also saying that he is not attending any party or function from the last few months.

Starting investigations say that he committed suicide but currently, we can’t say it for sure without any proof.

3 days ago his ex-manager also committed suicide people are seeing both the cases combined.

As we know he was one of the famous actors. He works in so many famous movies. he was from Patna, Bihar.


RIP Sushant Singh Rajput

Famous Movies of Sushant Singh Rajput

Welcome To New York
M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story
Detective Byomkesh Bakshy
Shuddh Desi Romance
Kai Po Che

Sushant Singh Rajput life (21 January 1986 – 14 June 2020)

Date of Birth 21 January 1986 (Tuesday)

Age (as in 2020) 34 Years

Birthplace-  Maldiha, Purnea, Bihar

Zodiac sign-  Aquarius

Nationality -Indian

Hometown- Maldiha, Purnea, Bihar

Education- St. Karen’s High School, Patna

• Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi
College/University Delhi Technological University (DTU), New Delhi
Educational Qualification 12th Standard. Mechanical Engineering dropout.


Caste- Rajput

Food- Habit Non-Vegetarian [1]

Address- Flat on Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai

Hobbies- Dancing, Playing Video Games

Discussions • In 2015, Ankita Lokhande, the ex of Sushant Singh Rajput freely slapped him when he was flushed and hitting the dance floor with young ladies around him in a gathering.

• He was even supposed to have been subtly hitched to Ankita in 2015.

• In February 2018, Sushant purportedly manhandled his fans who accumulated outside his Bandra house, after which, a gathering of his fans hit his guardian.

• In August 2018, Sushant arrived into contention after he supposedly carried on coyly with his ‘Kizie Aur Manny’ co-star, Sanjana Sanghi. There were likewise reports of him explicitly badgering the on-screen character on the arrangements of the film. Notwithstanding, the entertainer disproved all the bits of gossip and shared his talk screen captures with Sanjana. Sanjana too took to Twitter and excused the ‘ridiculous and unwarranted stories’ that were doing the rounds on the web. She expressed, “I’d prefer to explain that no such episode occurred with me. How about we shut down these guesses.”

sushant singh rajput commited suicide


Marital status- Unmarried

Affairs/GFs- Ankita Lokhande(Ex-girlfriend)

Kriti Sanon(it was just rumor)

sushant singh rajput commited suicide


Favorite Food- Rajma Chawal,  Chicken, Lobster, Prawn, Fulke

Favorite Beverages- Tea with high sugar

Favorite Actors-  James Dean, Ryan Gosling, Keanu Reeves, Shah Rukh Khan, Daniel Day-Lewis

Favorite Actresses- Isha Sherwani, Tabu, Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Film Directors- Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Raj Kumar Hirani, Anand Gandhi

Favorite Destinations- Norway, New Zealand

Favorite Colour- Black

Favorite Sport- Tennis

Favorite Cricketer- Sourav Ganguly

sushant singh rajput commited suicide




What is Love | Why Do We Expect Love In Return?

We can’t describe love, We can just feel the love. We can just try to explain it. So guys Today we will try to understand love. Everyone seems to If someone is talking to you nicely or caring for you then this is love. Let’s go ahead and understand about love



Love is a feeling And this feeling is possible for anyone and obviously, you love your family truly without any expectation. Right? We fight but we don’t separate. But today we will talk about the love relationship between men and women.

“If you love someone you will definitely feel them in yourself. You do not expect from them, you just give them everything without wanting anything in return”

You will always be happy to see their antics in others too. You will be happy for yourself when you see them happy. You want to give them all the happiness around the world on his/her birthday. Whatever problem you are in, being with them forget all your problems. You become happy with that feeling. If your partner is loyal to you then you will feel that. Being loyal to your partner gives you different happiness.

live love solution


We generally want to receive an outcome as a byproduct of accomplishing something. This longing for an outcome, which is another type of end chasing, forestalls understanding. When you ask, “What positive attitude does me on the off chance that I separate the inclination from the word ‘love’?”, you are thinking about an outcome; thusly you are not so much inquisitive to discover what that feeling is, right? “I would like to discover, yet I likewise need to recognize what will be the result of separating the inclination from the word. Isn’t this completely regular?”

Maybe; yet in the event that you need to comprehend, you should give your consideration, and there’s no consideration when one piece of your psyche is worried about outcomes, and the other with comprehension. Along these lines you get not one or the other, thus you become increasingly befuddled, harsh, and hopeless. On the off chance that we don’t separate the word, which is memory and every one of its responses, from the inclination, at that point that word crushes the inclination; and afterward, the word, or memory, is the debris without the fire. Isn’t this what has befallen you both? You have so trapped yourselves in a net of words, of theories, that the inclination itself, which is the main thing that has profound and fundamental centrality, is lost.