7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.


How To Maintain Spark In Relationship


 Love –easy to fall in but an uphill task to balance. But what exactly is love? Love is a philosophy of life that runs on intimacy, passion, and commitment. Thinking about being in love with someone from head to toe gives you butterflies in your stomach. But with time that spark that you had, in the beginning, fades away resulting in conflicts and fights. 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship. 

love has no age

“Of all forms of cautions, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness” 

Here are 7 ways that will help you in never losing that spark in your love life :

  1.  Communicate with them-

Communication plays a key role in a relationship. According, to a study by the University of Georgia – “ Good communication leads to marital satisfaction “. Not everyone in this world is good at understanding gestures. Therefore, if you want to tell someone about how you truly feel, the only effective way is communicating with them. Every relationship has its ups and downs but a relationship with good communication could get past all those difficult phases of life. Pouring your heart out and letting them know you inside out is one of the ways to build a healthy relationship. 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

  • Giving each other space-

Every person in this world needs a few moments alone with themselves. And communicating and giving some personal space are like opposite sides of the same coin. You have to maintain a proper balance between these two to love and be loved. Your faith in them helps you in giving each other time to think, analyze and then act. It is a myth that being in a relationship is a Piece of cake, because it is not. You have disagreements and arguments over kinds of stuff, but how you tackle them makes the difference in a strong and a fragile relationship 

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  • Spend time with each other –

Spending quality time with each other gives you and your partner a sense of joy. Go for a movie, or dinner, meet their families, ask them how they are doing? These things are not so much of a big deal when you love someone you got to put some efforts to show it. It might be a little difficult when you are in a long-distance relationship but you could always do the possible things such as- calling them and telling them how much you love them and miss them, surprising them (if possible ), etc.

  • Respect and Intimacy –

Having intimacy in your love life maintains the spark. Love is not only about emotions, but it is also equally about having good relationships in physical terms. Giving each other hugs, kissing, making out and cuddling shows how religiously you are into them. On the other hand, respecting your partner is very important. You can love someone unconditionally but if you don’t respect them or their perspective it’s never going to work out, as everybody wants respect from their partner.

  • Support system –

Your partner always looks up to you when they need support- be it emotional or mental. There are days when they may feel low, depressed, or confused, and you becoming a supportive pillar will surely help them in believing themselves and feeling better. If you do not what to do in such situations, all you could do is sit beside them, hold their hands/hug them and ask them what is wrong and what could YOU do to make it right? If they are not ready to open up at that time just tell them that you are always here for them. This will give them a sense of relief that they can always look up to you if anything happens. Good emotional and moral support helps you in understanding each other better. 

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  • Go for a vacation –

Going on a trip to an exotic and romantic location with your partner automatically fulfills the need of spending time with each other. There are so many beautiful places in this world where you and your partner can go for a short/long trip. And change in surroundings helps in changing mood and feeling good. This method could be an ace card in case of a long-distance relationship, as they hardly see each other due to some reasons. Some of the most exotic and romantic places in the world are- Greece, Paris, Bali, Mauritius, etc. 

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  •  Stereotype methods –

For some people giving flowers and letters might be a stereotype or cheesy thing. But for others, it is a way of showing affection and gratitude towards their partner. Complementing, asking them out, flirting, and writing letters/small notes about how grateful you are to have them in your life are the most beautiful and romantic ways to express love. 

Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby – awkwardly and often with a great deal of mess. And it all up to the couple to handle that mess carefully and deal with it delicately. The ways mentioned above will always help in making a relationship strong and healthy. And always remember –

If it is real, it will never be over”

So here we know about 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

Did you Found your true Love? Or its Just an Oxytocin Rush

 Did you Found your true Love?  

Post-independence India believed in marriage and procreation was the only goal of a human life. There was a saying “First you Marry, then you procreate and provide your child with a better life and if life permits, go for love”. While the present-day Indian Youth have the exact opposite viewpoints. Every single person is expected to have a partner and a relationship before the official marriage. Even marriages are going out of trend and are being replaced by the so-called live-in relationships. So the question arises: Did you found your true love

Did you Found your true Love



Science with its recent developments has proved that love is a need for humans and Oxytocin the infamous “Love Hormone” is a basic necessity to control anger and depression. But the perception of love in today’s generation is completely different and is against the very argument that love prevents depression. Did you Found your true Love
Suicide rates have surged in the world and India being highest among them. While there can be many reasons, Love-Failure is considered to be the biggest culprit among them. A report by CNN states that “Love is the number one reason behind suicides” But WHY IS IT SO?


This can be divided into two categories

  • Social Reasons
  • Biological Reasons

Social Reasons-

Every single one of us has always faced the wrath of society and our friends. I can recall some instances from my life as well and here it goes,
I have always been an introvert or that “shy guy” every group has. Though I don’t act like an introvert with my friends and I feel different while I talk to strangers. Making new friends has been so difficult for me let alone new girlfriends. Being from a conservative Indian family, my mom always says that “get a job with a handsome salary so that it’ll be easy to get a bride someday”. Both these factors made me stop caring about getting a girlfriend and that indeed made me good at studies.

Did you Found your true Love
It was all going well until all my friends had a partner. I kind of developed a fear of visiting my Whatsapp status page. Every status you see had given me some kind of a jealous feeling towards my friends and somehow even reduced my self-confidence. The growing pressure from my friends to get a girlfriend was so painful and exhausting for me.
Like any teenager would do, the internet was the easiest option to know the operational details about making a girlfriend (pun intended). And I would spend hours researching the details. Saw thousands of cringeworthy articles and videos on youtube and other platforms. so trust me guys “101 hacks to find a girlfriend” doesn’t work, sigh.
With all these, I was somehow getting connected off from my family, especially my mother and my dear friends. A sudden realization came and I started to self-introspect. I asked myself “Do I need a girlfriend? , or I just desire because my friends say so ?’’ which made me ask myself that “ are girls just some kind of a toy who are free to use when needed and throw them away in case the need vanishes? ’’. This made me think the number of heartbreaks millions of people had to go through every day just because of the reason that they trusted the other guy with their Love and Time. I had a dual feeling that how evil the world is and at the same time how innocent the world is too.
This brings us to the point, how love is being accused of being the biggest killer in the world while love has actually no part in this. Bad people hiding behind the mask of love the culprit here.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Biological Reasons:-

Oxytocin, what is it and how am I related to it? might be the question you should be asking right. To know about it, see the contrast in my story and the story of my friend here…
We do have friends in our groups who are smart, good looking, and have an interesting character and attitude. They are the ones who are famous across the college community.
The guy I am talking about also has the same fan following in the college. To be honest, he was famous during his school days too, so getting a girlfriend was never an issue for him. Every other day he has someone new. Ya I know it’s like too much. Hey, Please don’t think me as the only person who was jealous of him.
Every here and there whenever I met him, the only question I had was “What is the secret of your success?”, yes he was the success I had ever dreamt of during my school life. He would reply with just a smile which in case you wonder, increases my jealousy level a thousand times. The next question from me would be like “ why the heck are you with another person every time I see you ??”. The smile goes off and he would just timidly answer “ ya, it didn’t work for us”. The surprise face I made after listening to it was worth a view. Did you Found your true Love?  do you think so?
But why was this? The real reason is oxytocin.it is a chemical released when we feel love. Since there was no true love, no emotional connection, he just got bored of the brief increase of oxytocin and felt the urge to get someone new who would start the same cycle again and again.
This devastates the life of the girl who might have felt true love with him. Now we can recollect why people are accusing love as a reason here. Their allegation is not false but the criminal is not loved rather the person who hides behind this mask.

Final Words….

Love is beautiful, divine, and indescribable. It’s an emotion no author can, even the great Shakespeare couldn’t describe.
Love is infinite, the more you devote the deeper your find yourself in. Nothing in the world is more beautiful and divine than Pristine Love.
The only problem with today’s youth is that they are running behind the pleasure of love instead of the divine feeling that love serves us. The reason can that, love is still seen as a taboo in Asian countries especially southeast Asia. People are conservative in ideology but the fun fact is that the highest population belongs to this part of the world. Hypocrisy much!
Finally, Love is something that happens and you should possess the knowledge to differentiate between true love and infatuation. The hearts of the Indian youth left only with the feelings of hatred, jealousy, and Rage. The youth needs to set its priorities right and should only love to feel not to show! So ask you a question, Did you Found your true Love? 


How Can Love Makes You a Better Person?

Love is the best feeling one can experience. A person starts loving the moment he is born. The purest form of love we experience is when we are born. The love we get from our parents is unmatchable. As we grow, we get love from our siblings, who love us so much that they can do anything to make us happy. Then you find love in a person whom you make your better half, the person you get married to. You decide to spend your whole life with that person. And then, you have a love for your children, whom you expect to love the same way your parents did to you. The more you love, the more love makes you a better person. A person tends to love himself, which is an important thing in life. We are surrounded by love from birth until death. We just need to understand every form of love.


Love helps you differentiate between right and wrong When you are in love, you get to understand life in a better way. You get to know what is wrong and what is right. Love is more than words; you understand things that are not spoken of. Before you commit a mistake, you get to know what you are doing is not right; and hence you avoid doing it. Even if you commit a mistake, you agree to it when you are made to understand what mistake you have done. The word EGO is terminated from your life the moment you understand the importance of love. Let’s take a situation to understand this better. Suppose, you are leaving for work on a Monday morning. Generally, you drive yourself to the office on a Motorcycle. As you are getting late for the office, you forget your helmet. The smiling faces of your loved one’s flashes in front of your eyes just as you start your bike. What you do next? You get off from the vehicle and walk into your house to get the helmet. Just as you enter the house, you see your mother holding the helmet in her hand, rushing towards you.

pros and cons of love

This is a situation where you understand what you were doing is wrong; hence you did not do it. You understand how love makes you a better person and how you differentiate between right and wrong. Love is selfless The purest form of love is always selfless. You tend to love the person more than yourself. You think of them before yourself. That is the purest form of love. Your parents are the best example of what is mentioned. Even if you are having bad days, you have lost your job, your car is broken, you don’t have a place to live; you will always have your parents by your side. The way your parents love you is unconditional. Even if you have only one bread to eat during bad days, they will sleep hungry but won’t let you sleep hungry. If you become selfish in love, the existence of love vanishes. Not only parents but your siblings, your other half, your children, your pet, all love you selflessly and so do you. Seeing this love, you won’t do any such things which would hurt them in any way. If you are selfish in love, it is not loved. You don’t want to change the person; you accept the person as he is. The person himself changes for the better. That is called selfless love. If you experience this kind of love, you are the luckiest person in the universe. Love is without expectations Love is never give and take policy; it is giving and not expecting anything in return.


Expectations kill love. Expectations by its nature always tend to increase. You can never satisfy your expectations. Similarly, if you have expectations in love, you will always be disappointed. To love is to not expect anything in return. Just accepting that you love the person and don’t want anything in return makes it a lot easier to be happy. Love is not an investment in which you look for returns. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world which doesn’t require any returns. Love is freedom. You cannot and should not cage the person you love. You should just love them and set them free. I learned this from my mother. When I was only eight years old, I had a parrot as a pet which I kept in a cage. My mother asked me why did I keep it in the cage. I was a kid told my mother that I keep it in the cage because it is mine and I love it. My mother told, “if you have to keep it in a cage, how is it yours?” Listening to my mother, I opened the cage and let it fly. I waited for a few minutes and when it did not return, I started to sob. Two hours later, it flew in and sat on my shoulder. My mother told, “Now it is yours.” This was a very good lesson my mother taught me at a very young age. This is not just enough on what we can say about love. This is a feeling that will always make you better as a person. It enhances your qualities and you become a better person.