What is Love | Why Do We Expect Love In Return?

We can’t describe love, We can just feel the love. We can just try to explain it. So guys Today we will try to understand love. Everyone seems to If someone is talking to you nicely or caring for you then this is love. Let’s go ahead and understand about love



Love is a feeling And this feeling is possible for anyone and obviously, you love your family truly without any expectation. Right? We fight but we don’t separate. But today we will talk about the love relationship between men and women.

“If you love someone you will definitely feel them in yourself. You do not expect from them, you just give them everything without wanting anything in return”

You will always be happy to see their antics in others too. You will be happy for yourself when you see them happy. You want to give them all the happiness around the world on his/her birthday. Whatever problem you are in, being with them forget all your problems. You become happy with that feeling. If your partner is loyal to you then you will feel that. Being loyal to your partner gives you different happiness.

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We generally want to receive an outcome as a byproduct of accomplishing something. This longing for an outcome, which is another type of end chasing, forestalls understanding. When you ask, “What positive attitude does me on the off chance that I separate the inclination from the word ‘love’?”, you are thinking about an outcome; thusly you are not so much inquisitive to discover what that feeling is, right? “I would like to discover, yet I likewise need to recognize what will be the result of separating the inclination from the word. Isn’t this completely regular?”

Maybe; yet in the event that you need to comprehend, you should give your consideration, and there’s no consideration when one piece of your psyche is worried about outcomes, and the other with comprehension. Along these lines you get not one or the other, thus you become increasingly befuddled, harsh, and hopeless. On the off chance that we don’t separate the word, which is memory and every one of its responses, from the inclination, at that point that word crushes the inclination; and afterward, the word, or memory, is the debris without the fire. Isn’t this what has befallen you both? You have so trapped yourselves in a net of words, of theories, that the inclination itself, which is the main thing that has profound and fundamental centrality, is lost.