Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life


While the billions of people would agree that life is a very hard journey and this journey have so many ups and downs that most people live in the fear and preparation of next down throughout life. But as famously referred human being is “a being in the search of meaning”. And we constantly search for the reasons So that the struggle would make sense and we embrace this unpredictable journey. Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life?

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

With the rapid change in culture, we have reached a point where we have two versions of finding the meaning of life. Where the long way is to fulfill your dreams and create stuff that will last after you.

And the second one is by finding love. And as love is more emphasized upon in all fairy tales people go towards to find it in such a hurry as they want to live their whole life just now, find its meaning just now and understand all of it before even living it. 

Love is by far the best tool to carry on this journey.

Love is by far the strongest positive emotion present in humans only to be matched by faith, whose effects are exhilarating and energetic enough for a person to handle most of the life’s stress.

So if life is such a necessity of life, why not everybody has it?

While having love is not a right that but it’s certainly an ingredient needed to learn the art of living. And as art is always different so do the composition of its ingredients. This clearly implies that love can never be found but only be created and isn’t obliged to have a predefined set of steps to or a concrete definition.


How love works for us?

Radically, we are the result of evolution and the process in it which leaves us to enjoy life as a blessing being given and enhance it to pass it on to the ones after us. 

While we are made into a whole 100 percent in species but we ignore this fact of us having a 100 percent potential in us because of our version of the act of growing Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of lifewhich sounds simple when the numbers just go to 100 and not beyond that. So we never reach near our 100 percent and even at our best is somewhere at 90 percent of potential.

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

As you can see in the 4 fundamentals of life, emotional is the vaguest, as there are not many established checkpoints in it. And people not embrace the downs as gracefully as the ups unless they are thinking the all of it as a whole part of the journey.

And that’s the great thing about love as an emotion it helps us to find positive meaning in situations to add them to enhance your emotional being greatly.

Love is the only thing that allows us to work beyond our potential and raise it to a level we don’t think of as two persons are giving their full into each other.

This gives both the chance to work at nearby 150 to 180 percent potential as the positive feeling grows in both the partners throughout the process.

Actually! It’s not always comfy and great!

While now you are thrilled of the fact of the working beyond your potential, it’s not

Always that great. Love as being an authentic and pure mutual emotion, takes a great amount of time to get established. And both parts should give them to a great extent into their “us”. To finally the “us” starts being their best tool to live through life. And with most of this century being impatient this makes this scenario rarer to happen. 


On top of that, today love has changed so many forms that we mostly think of is an item that needs to collect and mostly from a person of the opposite gender. And Although we all think of ourselves as the same the truth is we are not. And because of this, different persons can’t be satisfied the same in life by the same type of item. Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

This is why people are always puzzled about whether there is true love in life or not.

While now you would have realized love isn’t that easy either. The best way to give yourself the chance to create this is by going with the 1st option. As the act of going after your dreams is an act of self-love and the harder you fight to make them happen. The more you get committed to yourself, And the more a human is in love with him/herself. The more he can create love with others. At the end of this you will realize that love helps you to simplify the fact that for a great scene to happen, you need a steeper mountain and deeper valley. So that you can now sit back and enjoy the view aka life. Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life?

Yes, we can say that.

“Life itself is a blessing to you and love is the way you will realize it”


A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The Starting:

These are crazy times, you wake up in the morning and you have nowhere to go, you spend the whole day doing super random stuff, like watering the plants and whatnot, you turn on the news, maybe watch a debate that’ll keep you up late until midnight, go to bed and repeat. The coronavirus pandemic has managed to make us all retired before we even began the journey. Anyway, the highlight of my super boring day is the 4 pm tea I have in my small little garden. A date With Love in Corona Virus...Yesterday, when I was enjoying my cup of tea, my mind was shackled by a question, a question that is only 6 words long, but it carries the weight of a planet (yes, I like to exaggerate and no this is not even an exaggeration). “What is the meaning of love?”- Remember that tsunami had shifted the axis of the earth by a few degrees, now that is what this question did to my brain, I could not find an answer to it, or maybe I didn’t have enough words in my mind to formulate an answer to this question. But the quest continued, “What is love?” I asked myself once again, silence. My brain was running so fast I couldn’t compute what was happening. So I did what every engineering student does, break it down and start from the beginning. Leaning back on the chair I closed my eyes to remember when the first time I heard or saw the word was being used. When did it all begin? A Date With Love in Corona Virus

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The origination:

The first time I ever experienced the word” love” being used extensively was in Bollywood movies. One of the recurring subjects in Bollywood movies is love. May it be drama, comedy, or even action genre. Horror has the idea of love too sometimes, classic Bollywood. Love is a common part of most big-screen stories. So I became pretty familiar with the grand gestures of love. Chasing at the airport, being in love with your best friend, and not knowing it, love is born out of so-called ‘hate’, love at inconvenient places and times. All of that cliché. Although I liked watching this unfurl on a screen, I never tried to bring it in my own life, nor did I ever try to make a definition of love based on all this reality escaping the entertainment industry. We, humans, are often subconsciously conditioned because of the entertainment industry, and which often leads to disappointment, because the contrast between the “love” shown on the big screen and the “love” in real lives is pretty severe. However, revisiting those Bollywood love theories in my mind was not a very fruitful process, it did help me realize the fact that maybe theories are too boring, maybe what one needs, in order to know something, learn something, is practical knowledge. Realizing this, I closed the door of the Bollywood theories in my mind and went on wandering, once again in search of the true meaning of love. (I mean, it’s not fun if we talk about Bollywood and not be cheesy)

love has no age

The outreach:

After reheating my cup of tea, I went on to think a bit deeper about love, but this time, I chose to seek help. I thought to myself who are the people who can tell me about love? Who are the ones who could give me a definition of love in the easiest form possible? I kept my cup aside and flipped out my mobile and started texting people. The randomness of this question can be very creepy to anyone who is on the receiving end. The sudden text from me saying “how do you define love?” popped up on at least 10 people who I hadn’t spoken in a while. The replies were slow, which I expected. Some of them even expressed their concern about my wellbeing. However, I did not receive an immediate response, everyone wanted to know the reason. No one wants to give away what love means for them so easily. Maybe they don’t know it too? Or maybe we all become a bit protective and yet vulnerable at the same time when we are talking about love? The replies however were very varied, some of them wrote it in one line and some took multiple paragraphs to tell their version. Some of them automatically assumed love is only restricted to the bounds of a relationship and told me love is about trust and communication, some of them took a rather liberal and honest approach by just sending me a picture of their cats(totally worth it). However, varied the replies were, everyone had their own version.

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

The conclusion:

After going through multiple replies and reflecting them and trying to make sense out of it, I still didn’t have that one line which would be the perfect answer to the question, how do you define love. Maybe the answer to this question doesn’t lie in the realm of perfection. Maybe the reason that humans experience this feeling is testimony to the fact that love breathes within imperfections. Maybe love chooses to be imperfect, that’s what makes it so compatible with living beings, especially humans. But that doesn’t give me the definition of love; instead, it takes me back to the place where I started. Everyone I asked had their own version of love, probability tells us that the more people we ask, the more versions we’ll have. There is no point in finding the right definition of the meaning of the word; some say love is the best version of you, people say that about god too. As I am engrossed in these super vivid thoughts, my grandfather walks in. he knows immediately if something’s fishy.

symptoms that show you are in love

A Date With Love in Corona Virus

Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha

Chemical Locha or a Feeling

Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, Love is a very different kind of feeling that each person deserves in his life. love not only makes you feel better but also makes you feel lively, happy, and makes you want to be better. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, we don’t know but. Love keeps us together and if anyone we know is about to give up then we become the cheerleader in their life to motivate them because we love them. We all have heard about Romeo and Juliet and how they were meant to be together. There were many songs about what is love and how it happens but the one “Zoobie Doobie” from “3 Idiots” is my favorite as it shows how love happens in a comical yet touching every string of heart with the lines like ” bheegi bheegi Saari mei, Yun thumke lgati tu, jaisa filmo mei Hota hai, ho rha h hu-ba-hu”.

Love Is Immortal

Love is when a person randomly pleases notes in between logbook pages because the person knows it would make the other person feel very special and make them smile.

Love can be very different in ways. It can vary from person to person. It can be towards your parents, siblings, friends, or that special person from your dreams. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha or Some people fall in love at first sight where a person can instantly fall in love with another person within seconds or minutes of their first meeting even if the two of them don’t have any previous interaction. Love is purely dependent on a person liking the other person’s features such as his nature, his way of showing love, respect, the way they speak, or features such as the body shape, the color of the eyes or hair or any other body part they are attracted too. Love at first sight not always apply to everyone but yes the lovers may have known each other for a while before falling in love. A person treats you like a priority gives you his time and respect and makes you feel special in any way he/she can. You can’t feel this way for everyone, there is always only one person who makes butterflies in your tummy and love you for no reason.

symptoms that show you are in love

Some people finding falling in love with the person who is engaged in a similar activity for the same line of work such as dancers, musicians, teachers, etc. Working together at the same place for hours or working together in the gym may bring you close. Love is a feeling or just a chemical locha, because Most people fall in love with the person of the same interest like a musician is falling love with the musician, a teacher fall in love with the teacher or scientists find themselves getting attracted to fellow researchers. People also get attracted to people who are very different from each other. Finding love in life is a very special thing that each person deserves to have in their life.

How do you know its love? The special feeling in your heart, increasing your energy, a racing heart, or an accelerating breathing as well as loss of appetite, anxiety, panic, etc. When a person is afraid of losing another person that is love. Love is when a person does not do things their partners love but still do them to bring a smile on their partners face. Love is when two persons help each other to grow academically, financially spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Going on dates having fun together, spending time together, loving each other’s flaws, cracking jokes, making fun of each other is what you call love.

Love Has Stages But No Ages


Can love be defined in words? Can love be measured with any equipment? No, it can only be expressed and has stages but no ages, Love is not just a four-letter word but a bunch of emotions and feelings. Love isn’t complex, but sure the people make it tough and complex to even understand. love has stages but no ages, It’s a gift to us from the universe which we most of the time don’t value. Oh well, that’s the human tendency to overlook all the good things they have got. But do we even ever try to see the love, yes I mean of course “feel the love” that the other person is trying to give us? love has stages but no ages, But why do we overlook it? In today’s generation, people are trying to be independent and which is surely a good thing but is being misinterpreted by most of them. Love has stages but no ages, Today everyone is in a race for getting the glory of success which here is directly proportional to the bank balance, and no doubt it is in turn directly proportional to being independent and this is a race in which we have forgotten what love feels like.

love has no age
Though love is not only about bringing fancy gifts for each other or about having those “goals” tagged pictures but of course more of spending time and having those quality moments where they both get to understand each other more and yes more than that as well. It does not have any boundaries and sure when it goes beyond the limit it wins. Well, love has stages but no ages.
When my grandfather was young, young as between the ages of 6 to 7 he requested his parents to get him a pet and that to a dog. After a lot of hustle-bustle, he finally was allowed to get a German Shepherd. I don’t know why every other person has a crush on dogs! Well my this question was answered by my grandfather only. He told me that whenever anyone pets any animal, they both exchange a part of their feelings, emotions, and heart that ties those cords of love, and this time I assure you that this is the purest love. The purest form of love you can ever get from anyone and from what he has ever received. This is the one best thing that even after those bad days they are always with you, by your side, making the scenario cozy and lovable. For time being I thought to date a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd because I was so impressed with this love story.

love has no age
When he entered in his teenage he made a friend, a female friend whom he admired a lot as he found her personality a lot attractive and she lived in his neighborhood as which was plus point since whenever he felt low or wanted to play his first option was always going her house and then spending time and studying as well. Eventually, with the growing time, they became best friends. Since they have been spending a lot of time playing and for instance she was his first female friend in his growing stage. They both had a sense of belonging for each other which made their friendship strong and they were quite comfortable with each other which also made them speak the truth always to each other
We have always heard that love affairs weren’t common during those times but here the story was different. When they both entered their adulthood they both fell in love though they had different colleges and then different jobs but what worked here was the trust and the sense of understanding, obviously what they have developed with the moving time and growing years. These factors form the roots of relationships which builds the strength of every other factor.
Though love marriages were also not common at that time, they figured out some way of disclosing this in front of their parents which required guts from both sides. Well, here they learned that when love stands with truth it always wins. After a few years, they got married that must have been sounded quite obvious over here but in today’s time, it isn’t. People are having relationships or partners to pass their spare time which is just for namesake and this is the reason why most of them end without any end.

love has no age
Well, you must be wondering about the dog, sad but he passed away in my grandfather’s teenage. He was quite old at that time but he also taught us a lesson. A lesson of eternal love. Yes, love shouldn’t be materialistic or situation bound but eternal. Eternal love has no limits and yes no end. It’s just the best and the most powerful feeling you could ever feel. And the one that even death could not separate them.

Love Is Immortal | Towards Immortal Love


An intense feeling of deep affection or pleasure in something which we like or enjoy very much whether it is towards our family, friends, relationship, country, or maybe towards nonliving things which don’t need to be perfect but just has to be true. Oh yeah, by all this I’m talking about love. Our heart wants what it wants. Love Is Immortal, Sometimes we fall in love for nonliving things which we never want to lose, we know we cannot talk to them but though our emotions are attached to them so hard that we cannot imagine our life without that thing because somewhere in our heart we know love is the voice under all silence and of course judgment is absent.
We can have an intense feeling for anything at any time because it is a kind of fabric that never fades, no matter how often it is washed of adversity and grief. Love Is Immortal.


We all agree that it’s not possible to fall in love with somebody who doesn’t respect you or have faith in you. We always wanted to be with someone who supports us, our goals, keeps motivating us, always makes us feel happy, and be ours, cheerleader. This all is found only in our parents who love us immensely. Yes, love is an emotional process.
Try to find a person who would always love you consistently, make effort to be with you, polite course of action, and socially constructive, never lie to you to spare your feeling and with a moral code.
But then what about friendship and relationship? We search for all those things which we see in our parents i.e is nothing but an emotional process but most of the time we get manipulative person or selfishness, etc. Idealize love which we overestimate and need to pay for it.

 Is it worth it? 

We forget the fundamental values for being in a healthy relationship and ready to scarifies our self for them. And all the success of our relationship hinges on these fundamental values and an important one.
Most of the relationship and friendship where we fall in love sucks our life, happiness, goal, respect, etc.
Why to be as paradoxical? Why do we tolerate an unhealthy and codependent relationship with our partner?
Remember, love is one of the greatest experiences which life offers to us. We cannot sacrifice our identities, respect, goal, and self-worth to it. Sacrificing all these just to be with that person is problematic.
So by all this, we need to understand is love is necessary but it is not enough.


Love is perpetual. We always look for a partner with whom we can share each and everything and who can make our heart flutter. It’s not necessary to find love in a person, it can be for anything. Many times we have heard of “love at first sight” but ever happened at any mall, shop for a thing rather than a person. Yes, many times. It can be a toy like a teddy, a car, or a photo or sculpture. As soon we see at them we lose our consciousness and start heading towards that just to see, feel it, and of course to buy it. But what happens when we can’t afford it, yes we start earning just to buy that. This is nothing but love. There is no logic to these things, you see something very attractive and fall in love and that’s that.


You fall in love when you find something which is Incredible, wonderful, attractive, and perfect.
Since we know the light of love sees no walls, so it’s not restricted to humans but also nature i.e plants, rivers, flowers, clouds, land, etc.
Have you ever tried to communicate to rivers, have you ever heard what they say?
All you need is that you should communicate openly with your partner, have fun, and full of joy.
Sitting under a tree that gives you shade, fruit, oxygen, paper, etc, despite all these it gives peace. Isn’t lovely, you fall in love with the place which gives you peace.

Nature never says to fall in love, it always says let’s love find you. Nature is one by which everyone should aspire to feel and enjoy. It also includes our motherland our country. Who has blindly love on our motherland? Yes, it’s our soldiers who fight for our motherland by sacrificing their life. They get everything which we find in love i.e respect, loyalty, goals, etc. So by all this, we understand that platonic love concerns itself to the heart.
Try to find love in each and everything which provides you peace. Yes, ‘Love is immortal’ because love never abandons anything it always gives a chance to embolden yourself. Come out from the state of solitude and try to be sanguine. Love is always about being thrasonical.

Different Colors Of Love | Power of love

LOVE, 4 letter word, small yet plays the largest part of our lives, and sometimes becomes our life. Love itself is a metaphor. You may not define the meaning of this word yet there is the different meaning of loving each one’s life, different colors of love. For love is both love and hate. It can make you feel both happy and sad. You can lose and yet win in love. Love is both mature and silly. Its something when you feel can never get away from you. Love is like oxygen to your mind and body, it’s not negotiable. Your relationship gets healthier when you are more connected to each other, and puts your relationship at risk when you aren’t connected. Different colors of love are here.


Trust behind the foundation of love

Foundation of strongest relationship is love, but the foundation of strongest love is trust. Trust is the backbone. Love is not about taking pleasure in people’s sins but satisfaction in the truth. And when you are in love, the trust will simply be with you. It’s a feeling of immense happiness, pleasure, and selflessness because love is never selfish or rude. Love gives you respect, is always patient and kind. Love have such an ability and capacity to make you forget the negative things happening around you, it makes it all colorful and happening. It makes you protective, responsible, and makes you want to be a better person for someone. You support someone you love, push them being with them. You become a caring person.


Love gives you the power to trust someone and makes you ready to endure whatever comes your way. It gives you the power to forgive, accept your flaws, and accepts your flaw. People say that 2 people in love make them complete by being one, but I believe that you are complete by loving your, by self-love but when you fall in love with someone else you realize you are complete by understanding yourself better, by understanding your pure feelings.

Love is empty without pain

As we know all colors can’t be bright, life is never possible without hurdles, love also gets some pain along with it. It is not always a fairy-tails. Sometimes you get boundless hurt and pain by the person you. You argue and fight. But if you get only from someone you love because they are important to you. You can fight, but if there is love with you will fight for each other. Love doesn’t have space for the ego it has space for forgiveness. It makes you much strong when you get back to your love. Love has a pull, how much ever you try to walk away, and pretend not to care, deep down your heart will ache and long for that love. As long as you aren’t destroying each other or yourself, there is nothing you can’t work through. Be it emotionally, physically, or anything.


Effort Is Necessary In Relationship

It’s easy to fall in love, but it takes effort to live that love. It’s is always good to make small efforts to make each other feel their importance and your love towards them. Bring a smile on others face because of you is the biggest satisfaction you get in love.

Letting go

Letting go of your love for other’s happiness is also a sign of love. You force love on someone, it’s not a condition, because while falling in love you didn’t that is why we say love is unconditional. Love is boundless, making boundaries will only make your bond weaker. Not everything you want comes your way, but what is meant to be done. Sacrificing is a small thing you can do, it won’t be easy but you will have the strength to do it. Its because you will the importance and priority better.



love doesn’t happen between 2 human beings, people can also love animals, objects, activities from whom their sentiments are attached. Some people are animal lovers, as they bond and understand they consider them as their own. Some people love objects which remind them of memories. Isn’t it mesmerizing that love is where you just need to feel it? It has all the colors you just need to see it.
In all you can say is the purest form of feeling that you feel for or get from your parents, your life partner, your friend. Love is everything and is everywhere. Trust, faith, belief, and respect are the most important part of love. It can melt you when you think you are tough, it can build you when you think you are shattered. It makes fearless yet make you fearful of losing that person. Love is about giving but not expecting. Love is a blessing in everyone’s life that in every hard time stands with you. It’s the most beautiful part of life.

When a Girl falls in Love | Story of a College Girl

When a Girl fall in Love

When a Girl falls in Love it is the best thing in this world. You know without love, life is like a rainbow without colors. Our ultimate happiness comes from love. Everyone in this world live with the motive to love or to be loved. When two people are in love with each other they care for each other and that’s the best thing about it. You know in today’s world everyone is suffering from one or other problems which lead to mental illnesses. The main reason for increasing mental illnesses is loneliness. People don’t have anyone with whom they can share their emotions and feelings but love provides us a partner for sharing our feelings. It is a kind of feeling which can’t be explained in words, it can only be felt. And feelings this is the most beautiful thing. When a girl falls in love with someone, she always tries to make her lover happy. A girl who has never listened to anyone also starts completing her partner’s demand because for her relationship matters more than her ego. Sometimes while making her boyfriend happy, she is the one who gets hurt most. Like sometimes the boy may love another girl or he may be just using her for his physical desires. But even in such situations, the girl forgives him and lets him go for his happiness. A girl only expect love and respect from her partner. When a Girl falls in Love She doesn’t want money or material things. You know even after letting the boy go from her life, she never really forget him.

You know when you’re in love you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dream
——Dr. Seuss
You know it is also a famous saying that when a person is in love he/she can’t sleep. A girl in love only wants to talk to her boyfriend and thinks only about him all the time. Her eyes are always just looking for him everywhere, but when it’s not possible to find him around, she tries to talk to him and see (actually stare at ) him in her dreams.

When a Girl falls in Love

Story of a College Girl

I would like to explain this quote by sharing a story of a girl

A girl who when went to college gets friendly with a cute and sweet boy. They became best friends and used to share every emotion. Soon the girl fell in love with him. She started seeing her future with him but one day the boy came with another girl to meet her, he introduced this new girl to his best friend as his girlfriend. The girl in this situation opt to break her friendship with him because she couldn’t live with him like this. The girl tried to move on in her life and she was quite successful in forgetting him at least externally. Now she spent her whole day with her new friends but at night before sleeping she couldn’t help herself from missing him once. This continues till now with her. But you know what is worth mentioning here is that every day she sees that boy in her dreams and she is very happy about the same. When I told her that this will only stop her from moving on in her life, she told me that she doesn’t care because according to her after seeing him in her dreams she feels the best and that’s why she wants to see him in her dreams every day because she can’t see him in reality.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

This is the story of one of my close friends who told me what is love. Love is the feeling which comes from our heart, it is the feeling which ties two souls together forever. People who got to feel it are the luckiest people ever. Even after the relationship ends due to some unfortunate reasons, true love never ends it remains in one corner of the heart for always. But in today’s world people just use this word as an instrument for cheating others and due to this, the innocent ones are afraid to fall in love. In a true love relationship, both partners should trust each other, should provide space to each other. Trust and freedom are the two most important elements of a happy relationship. It is not loved if one always doubts others or always restrain others from doing things which he or she likes. Love is when you care about other’s needs and desires. When you realize that you can’t stop yourself from remembering someone, understand that you are in love, and please don’t stop yourself from expressing your love to someone special because the more you delay the more you will feel sad. So go and get your love. According to one of the famous Indian Bollywood movies, if you love him or her truly, he or she will also love you. So kindly believe in your love and tell your someone special about your feelings for them.

The True Essence Of Love | Love Through Astrology

The True Essence Of Love 

The True Essence of love is a feeling which transcends dimensions of time and space like an energy that remains. Love stays in the form of blessings from dead people, flowing through the air like sound waves. it remains in the form of pity for some people, and gratefulness for others. Some belief in it as an artifact of chemicals in our bodies. “Na Karmana Na prajaya dhanena tyagenaika amrtatva manasuh” (Kaivalya Upanishad) leads to the conclusion that sacrifice and surrender is the true essence of love… 

The True Essence Of Love

Creation Of Feeling Is Love

In this uniformly distributed, disorganized universe, many billion species evolved in a very dissimilar environment. Not only species but every day a new start, or a new planet is born in the universe and these material things just like feelings are a re-product of energy. According to the recent studies of quantum physics, there are no “particles”. Every type of particle is conceived of quantum vibration. At the elementary level of everything that exists in this universe, all matter, which is essentially one and invisible, is a connected dynamic tissue of vibrating fields of energy. 

According to the Indian classics, these energies are of 3 types- Sattvic, Tamsic, and Rajas. And everything in the entire universe is a product of these three energies. A combination of these energies makes a person unique from the other. The True Essence of love is therefore an energy expressed by different people in different ways based on the combination and percentage of these three energies in our body. 

concept of love

Sattvic embodies the highest and purest forms of energies of love, surrender, generosity, and forgiveness. Rajasic love is expressed in a Selfish way, where a person will have Desire, Passion, Violence, Impulsiveness, aggression, competition, and binds in this materialistic world. Tamasic energy blocks the positivity followed by inertia, darkness, ignorance, attachment, etc. 

Therefore love is associated with a variety of feelings which usually denotes a positive meaning but is expressed by different individuals in a different way. 

A person is born with a particular set of temperaments and when these temperaments are developed into the habit after a certain age, he has no control over how he expresses the way he does. These temperaments and the coincidences that occur, makes a complete life experience for a person. All these things can be predicted through astrology right after the birth of a child. 

Love Through Astrology 

The concept of love and marriage is very karmic according to Vedic astrology. Many times in our lives, we ask the thin air, “why me?” or “what did I do to deserve this partner or this relationship?” 

According to the Vedic astrology, we did deserve all that. We are energies and energy never dies. It remains forever and keep taking new forms. The energies of our brains and everything material is governed by planets and stars visible from Earth. Everything that we think and do, also generate vibrations and remain on this plane of dimension. When we die and take birth again in a new form of energy, all the vibrations that we left in our last birth comes back with a lesson. We accumulate so many karmas from several lifetimes and we keep accumulating more and keep replaying karmas coming from the past. Therefore, everything that is happening to us in this lifetime is a result of certain karmas we did in the past life. So, regardless of any problem in love life or professional life, it is very essential that we remain calm and compose. 

Love in Vedic astrology and in western astrology is denoted by the planet Venus. Whenever Venus in our Vedic horoscope is placed in not a good position, it means that we are meant to give out some karmas related to love and marriage. 

concept of love

Concept Of Self Love

These days, in almost every advertisement, we are asked to love ourselves. But what most people do not know is, how to love oneself. They conclude self-love as either to beautify themselves or put themselves first in every aspect of life and both the concepts are entirely wrong. 

Self-love fundamentally means to be able to spend time with ourselves as we would do with some other person we are in a relationship with. When we spend time with ourselves and meditate to spend some time with our soul, we start to realize what we truly are and what are the important things that we are supposed to do in life. And once we realize these goals, we start to work upon them and that is what leads us toward success. 

But most of the time, people fall into traps of media/ads. These ads created a new definition of self-love which is to buy and use their products, post photos on social media, and give a caption of “self-love“. People using social media are constantly running for likes and comments of other people, are constantly stalking people, making themselves feel low, texting random people, seeking people to talk to all the time- all because they are running from themselves. They just do not want to face themselves. But what most of us fail to realize is that it is when we are bored with ourselves, we get most creative. 

Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not


The experience of falling in love is unique for each individual, including the time taken for each sensation and emotion to intensify and get identified. You might be a believer of love at first sight, or maybe a bit of a cynic and require more time to evolve strong feelings for someone. today we discuss Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not 
The definition of love can be different for everyone, whatever it might be for you, we all would agree that love is no less than a virus that captures your mind, and your heart of course. So, here are 30 symptoms that you’re in love with someone (admit it or not ;).Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not 

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Match your feeling whether you are in love 

1. That glowing face -now, however, straight out of a Rom-com this might sound however, it’s true. When you’re in love you have all these exciting and all things happy kinda thoughts going on in your mind ALL THE TIME, which tend to reflect on your face.

2. All you think about is them – you think about a hundred thoughts and they are ninety-nine, come on, you have to agree with me on this. They never hop-off your train of thoughts. They are all you think about.

3. Turning into a daydreamer? – when all you can think of is that person, you start creating situations in your head which you’re well aware of might never happen, but you still like to imagine or start daydreaming to be precise.

4. That constant smile – when you see them, hear their name in a conversation, or even think of them, you can’t help smiling. If someone around you takes their name it brings a smile on your face you turn into this happy person for no particular reason.

5. Everything reminds you of them – the smallest of things remind you of them. Be it drinking coffee, you would recall that one time you had coffee with them. No matter what, wherever you go, whatever you do, you think of them. It’s a strange feeling you can’t help. They just pop into your head randomly.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

6. The one in a million feelings – in a room full of all kinds of people, your eyes are stuck at them. You can’t help but notice only that one person in the entire crowd. It’s not even intentional, it just happens. So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

7. Checking your phone a lot – these days most of the people are already kind of glued to their phones. But if you’re in love, you may find yourself even more eager to respond to a text message as quick as you can or even more likely to pick up a phone call, although not many of us are fans of a phone call we prefer texting but in love all your phone anxiety just tends to vanish, because you might want to make an exception for a special person.

8. You find reasons to meet them – you would find the smallest of excuses to see them. And you always want to see them, literally every day. You could even fake being sick for them to come and look you up.

9. Remembering the little things – if you’re in love you would remember the smallest of things or details about that person or even about that one little phone call with them. Like their favorite color, sport, TV show, food. What they wore the other day or how they had done their hair. Any and everything.

10. Can’t stop staring at them – this is one of the most common and evident symptoms of love. You can’t help but stare at that person all the time. Your eyes automatically blur out everything else.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

11. Your likes and dislikes tend to become the same – maybe this is some kind of a love influence but if you’re in love with someone, over some time you start liking what they liking or hating what they hate. Or could be a person or a thing. If he/she likes their mum more than their dad, it influences your choice.

12. You find yourself always talking about them – You can’t do anything about it. Someone around you would just say or do something that reminds you of them and before you know it you’re talking about them. No matter whom you’re talking to. You could be talking to someone sitting next to you in a metro, or your mom, and they’ll still come up in conversation.

13. You re-read their text messages – you cannot deny this, You keep the entire text conversation you have with them. Receiving a text from them makes you smile, and you read it again just to feel good. Even when you’re feeling low all you have to do is re-read the conversation you had with them a few days ago and it makes you smile again. Even if you’re someone that deletes your emails and texts often, with this person, you won’t. Because their texts brighten your day and make you smile from ear to ear.

14. You lose track of time and no amount of time spent with him is ever enough – you could have hours-long conversations with them on the phone or in person, but it won’t feel long enough. At the end of the day, It would still feel like you just spent a few minutes. It’s never enough.

15. You have more energy – You start to feel more lively and active, as if you have a constant adrenaline rush. There is this sudden energy boost that lifts your mood and gets you excited. It’s a deranged feeling, it feels like you’re high on life.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

16. You get defensive when your friends or family is negative about them – maybe normally it wouldn’t bother you, like when they talked about any other friend of yours or a guy u dated before, but in this case, things are a little different. You have now suddenly developed a defense mechanism which makes you want to protect them as a reflex if anyone says anything even close to rude about them.

17. You can talk to them about ANYTHING – if you’re in love, you’re totally comfortable around them. You become quite vulnerable to them. You would share things which normally you only would have shared with your best friend.

18. They make you feel good about yourself – if you’re in love, you’re comfortable around that person and they make you feel like you are enough and you are perfect just the way you are, and of course, you do the same for them.

19. You’re less attracted to others – the guys or girls you found hot/handsome/beautiful, nope. That’s not how you feel anymore. That one person is now the definition of all of the above for you. And if you even think of being with someone else, a part of you doesn’t agree to it. If in love, you will not feel attracted to others anymore. All you want is them.

20. You remember all the firsts – if you’re in love with someone you would never be able to forget the first time you met or the first time you held each other’s hand or the first phone call. If you’re good with dates then you’d remember those too or else you would remember the feeling, situation, atmosphere. Little moments with them are special memories. And you’ll remember every detail.

21. You feel safe when you’re around them – It’s not easy to explain how this feels, but it is the loveliest feeling. With them around, you feel like nothing could hurt you or nothing could go wrong.

22. You want to show them all of your favorite things – you do this because you want them to know you more than anyone else does, you want them to be your closest. You’re not doing this to try and make them like what you do.

23. Whenever outside, you’re on the lookout for things you know they would like – you’re not out in the store just for your self now, the things you used to casually walk by in the store normally, are now looked at thinking about them.

24. They become a priority – this goes without saying, if you’re in love with someone, they by default top your priority list. If we see in general, no one has the time, everyone’s busy with something or the other, but if someones your priority, you will make time for them no matter how busy you are.

25. Their traits become your traits – when you’re in love and you get to know the person more and more your perceptions start to consolidate on their own, you may even start to dress or talk like the person you’re in love with, it happens.

26. You see a future with them – if you’re in love, this will happen. Youll start imagining going to parties together or going on a trip with them or sometimes people even go on imagining a wedding with that person.

27. Trying to get to know what they think of you – if you are in love, you desperately want to know how that person feels about you?, does he/she like me?, are the feelings mutual? Etc. And all these questions really bother you.

28. You want to know all their stories – When we are in love with someone, we can’t get enough of that person. We become extremely curious to know all about their lives. How they grew up? whats their family like?, how did they get that scar on their forehead? Everything. You would probably not go this deep into stories with someone you’re only infatuated or attracted to, this happens only in love.

29. You tend to get protective of them – you can call it being jealous or possessive if you like. But this does happen after a point of time, you do not like to see them with someone else especially if they share a similar bond with someone other than you, you tend to not like that.

30. You find the weirdest stuff about them to be cute – when in love, you seem to like everything about that person. You might get grossed out normally if you see someone doing something weird, but if they do it automatically looks cute to you. Nope, logic doesn’t work ere in love.


So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

50 Drawbacks Of Love | Be Alert From Love | Dangerous Love


50 Drawbacks Of Love

Be alert if you are in love here we write about some 50 drawbacks of love.

Maybe you are wrapped up in infatuation –

It can be pretty confusing whether you are falling for someone or it’s just a game of your mind. Before going head over heels for someone, take a moment and think.

Are your far future dreams just a castle of sand? –

Imagining you and your partner living your best life in a sea-facing house can make you feel butterflies in your stomach but is that imagination a little too much to imagine?

Too much of anything is harmful (and so can be obsession) –

Loving someone is a great feeling, but loving someone more than life can be overwhelming. Your love might end up being an obsession and you might end up losing everything (your obsession, not your love).

Jealousy – a big no-no –

Love can make you soar, but jealousy can make you fall flat on your face. Is it even love if it makes you feel inferior? Insecurities can work their way up too quickly and it goes hand in hand with the end of your relationship.

Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart

  • Be Alert From Love

Intruding personal space –

Insecurities are the key to make you feel jealous and the need to keep an eye on your partner. All of this can lead to you/partner invading each other’s personal spaces.

Sense of humor (sometimes a mood-lifter, at times a mood-killer) –

Having a great sense of humor is a blessing. Especially if partners can crack each other up, it can enlighten the relationship. But knowing the limits while joking is quite underrated. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, you might touch, rather hit the points which are too sensitive to be laughed upon.

Being together means sharing an equal stage –

Being each other’s better halves is many times misunderstood with one being the shepherd and the other a goat. Dominating each other creates a toxic circle and will have an adverse effect.

Dog in the manager’s disposition –

Your partner gaining success can make you feel worthless and vice versa. Jealousy can make you do malicious things and the end of your relationship will arrive sooner than ever.

Neglecting yourself –

Emphasizing on the subject of self-love will never be enough. Being in love or a relationship might make you emphasize way more on your partner instead of channeling some of that emphasis on yourself.

Not being able to see the rights and wrongs –

This is so important yet so generalized. At times you are so submerged in ego that differences in opinions don’t take long to convert into devastating fights. And at times you are so low on your confidence that presenting your opinion doesn’t feel right and you go on with nodding in a yes.

Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart

  • Dangerous Love

Forgetting that you have kith and kin apart from your lover/partner –

This happens quite a lot. As you are busy soaring and dreaming, the rosy picture of your happy future grows blurred, since you forget you have family and friends too. You become a twit.

You start expecting too much from each other –

If he/she doesn’t reply within 5 seconds, you start being dubious of their intentions and vice versa. If he/she forgets the anniversary or birthday, you are going to blow them up or vice versa. Having unrealistic expectations only and only breaks your heart.

Apology – what’s that? –

Many times, you feel that expressing love is enough to justify the mistake, because apologizing is cliché, moreover something that hurts your ego. At times sorry can work wonders where I love you can’t.

Taking the initiative –

Again the biggest enemy, that’s your ego is the protagonist. The scenario is after a fight. “Should I talk first? Maybe no, why should I always compromise?”…

Helping in chores –

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, your brain starts to generalize that certain things have to be done by certain people (your partner). But this sole fact itself is so toxic, it can either frustrate you or your partner… to a great extent.

Loyalty towards one another –

Being persistent or committed seems to be too much to ask for. Making your partner insecure or the other way around is a clear hindrance to the relationship.

Comparing your positions –

Comparison is a leech that sucks out all the happiness. When you compare yourself with others, you forget you are unique as you are and that casts a gloomy atmosphere over your relationship. You feel melancholy because you don’t have things your partner has.

Dogmatism –

Expecting your partner to do things your way and being inimical to change can demolish your relationship within no time.

These facts might be blunt and forthright, but it’s better to let those sober second thoughts take control of your whirling mind before things go beyond control. Love can make you want to live more but can also make you feel the opposite. It is always better to be practical and to be compatible, kind, understanding, and loving towards your partner and yourself, only then can love work wonders for you!

These are the 50 drawbacks of love