Deviation Between Lust And Love | Lust An Overwhelming desire


LUST An Overwhelming desire

There is a famous quote about lust is ” lust feels like love until it’s time to make sacrifices “.Many symbols show you’re in lust instead of love with the person. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the LUST and LOVE. In simple words, lust is a superior feeling of attraction. Deviation And Breach Between Lust And Love.

In today’s modern world it’s common to have the presence of lust in a relationship nowadays, hence it quite possible not to understand that you have attraction not attachment with the person.

Whenever it comes to our close one, we can easily predict that what they are feeling for someone is lust or love. But when it’s about us we’re unable to clarify the things clear.

Deviation Between Lust And Love

Difference Between Love And Lust

Simply love is caring, sharing, protecting, and most important is an understanding between the two. Lust turns to desire, pleasure, and impulsiveness. Meanwhile, lust is just about sex.

Lust is for the short term. The more you filled with thoughts of lust the less you find true love. Lust will pass one day while, loves hold you till last. Lust touch your body, love to touch your heart and soul.

Lust is easy to make while love is hard and want sacrifices. These symptoms are very common in today’s fast-growing modern world because no one has time to stop and think about true feelings.

Lust also fades away when you engage with another person at the same time.

Lust is always about fantasy on the other hand love is about the real world. Lust is confused for love. Lust makes you free love bound you with a string of some responsibilities.
Simply lust is an intense physical desire.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

What Is Love?

Love is a commitment that deal with your desires, people confuse lust with true love. Don’t mistake lust for love. Love begins with heart: lust with sensation. According to psychiatrists, lust is an intense sexual attraction us notorious sense, pure lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy.

In the stage of lust, we can’t honest with each other and don’t listen to each other feelings and never try to make others happy. Never motivates the person and encourage him/her.

Film ‘fifty shades of grey’ is one of the best examples of lust over love. India’s Web series lust stories. There are some novels based on lust over love examples-women in love by D.H LAWRENCE, Romeo and Juliet by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE is also considered a lust love story between a 16-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy that caused deaths.

A Date With Love in Corona Virus


  • you want to make yourself more attractive and make others believe that you’re perfect while love makes the things real.
  • You only care about your partner physical appearance, you don’t care about inner feelings.
  • You can’t share your true feelings.
  • Lust makes you feel and enjoy only the present moment rather than imagining the future together.
  • Lust is a raw fruit and love is refined and pure.
  • You’re going so fast with your relationship instead of going slow and understanding each other.
  • Unusual conversation between you and your partner, you never try to make your partner feel comfortable,relax, and laugh.
  • You hesitate to share your true feelings.
  • Basic conversation always ends or turns towards intimacy in the end.
  • You never try to meet your partner with your parents.
  • Lust is powerful over love.
  • Love is a deep feeling of affection that we feel for our partner and gets into emotional attachment and lust is physical attraction only.


  • You hardly share your plans and wishes
  • You just want to live in the moment only with him or her.
  • You never make your partner as your priority in your life over other things.
  • You’re always interested in having sex in place of deep conversation.
  • Not interested in cuddling, pampering, caring, and discussing the true feelings.
  • Your ideal date is limited to intimacy.
  • You are never available for emotional touch to your partner.
  • You never praise your partner inner qualities.
  • The physical appearance of your partner is matter your most.
  • Most of your thoughts about your partner are of physical behavior.
  • He or she is never being a part of your life and family.
  • Lust is impatient on the other hand love stand to patient
  • Lust is about today while love is about having a future together.
  • Lust distracted your true inner feelings.
  • Lust is blind while love is kind.
  • Lust is selfish while love is generous.
  • Lust makes you shallow oppositely love makes you strong.
  • Lust takes away while love gives you strength and support.


Deviation And Breach Between Lust And Love.

Deviation And Breach Between Lust And Love.


Various Aspects of Love | Love and religions | Self-love

Various Aspects of Love

What is love? If you have grown up watching Bollywood movies like any other Indian kid, then I imagine that right now, the image of SRK as Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai has popped in your mind and he is saying, “love is friendship!” and it may be the case for some people but that’s not exactly what love is. The notion of love is wide and personal to everyone that it is naïve to think one definition pertains to everyone. We’ve all had our different experiences with love but one thing we would all agree on is that love is not a relationship. It is a feeling. there are various aspects of love 

Really? Just a feeling? Is it that simple? Indeed, it is that simple If anything, love is the simplest feeling of all. It is one of those emotions that is competent of vanishing greed and selfishness. It makes us more compassionate towards the world and ourselves. It can be of any sort, though. It does not have to be romantic only. We could love anyone or anything. Yes, even things. Although, the most genuine form of love alive is probably what our parents feel for us. They love us without requiring anything in return. Various Aspects of Love

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

It is not a myth

This may sound silly but some people believe that love is a myth. The reason could be anything. They may have loved somebody without getting the same love back or maybe they never fell for anyone at all. What they fail to realize is love could be found in any form. It doesn’t exist in one state only. Stop and take a step back. Remember the time you spent with your friends laughing or the time when your pet dog was chasing you down the street wiggling his tail. Weren’t those moments filled with love? And if you are one of those persons who only believe in facts then let me tell you that even science has proved the existence of love. Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are the hormones our body releases during attraction; and oxytocin and vasopressin mediate attachment. So, it is safe to say that love is anything but a myth. There are Various Aspects of Love

Love and religions

Every religion has described love differently but it all comes down to one statement i.e. giving without the thought of receiving. Love makes us selfless. Roland Barthes has said in his book A Lover’s Discourse, “What love lays bare in me is energy.” In simple words, love fills us with positivity and not just for one specific person but for everyone around us. Lord Krishna is the best example to realize what love is. His love for his mother Yashoda, his love for his brother Balram, his love for Radha Ma, and not just that, his love for dance and music. He always preached, “The only way you can conquer me is through love and there I am gladly conquered.”


In our daily struggle of life, we often end up feeling so frustrated and lonely. Sometimes, this results in us clinging on to the wrong person in the name of love because we feel so love-deprived and empty that we would do anything to feel good about ourselves again. By doing so, we end up wrecking a lot of lives, including us. So, why does it happen? Why do we end up choosing the wrong person every time? Is it because we are incapable of love? No. No one is incapable of love. It’s only because we try to find the love to fill voids within ourselves. And though it is true, love does fill voids, it should be our own. I mean, if we cannot love ourselves, how can we expect someone else to love us? If we cannot accept all our flaws, how can we expect someone else to view us as flawless? Even if you are aware of these things, you probably have always wondered “how to love ourselves?” It isn’t very difficult. The answer is just the same as to the question “how to love?” You deserve the same love you so freely hand out to others. There is a fine line between being selfish in love and being selfless in love. That fine line is self-love itself. When you truly start loving yourself, that’s when you truly start loving selflessly. Because now you know that you don’t need someone to give you love, you are capable of doing that on your own.


Various types of love

According to the ancient Greeks, there are eight different kinds of love. The first one is Agape, the unconditional and altruistic love where you expect nothing in return. The second one is Eros, the romantic love filled with passion, romance, and intimacy. The third one is Philia, the affectionate love, the kind that you feel for your friends. Fourth is Philautia, the one I mentioned above i.e. self-love. The fifth one is Storge, the familiar love, for example, a parent-child love. Sixth on the list is Pragma, the enduring love, like the one old married couple, have. Seventh is Ludus, playful love, the feeling of infatuation at the beginning of a romance, the butterflies, giddiness and never wanting to leave each other. The last one is Mania, the obsessive love which can lead to anger and jealousy and is not healthy.

Trying to explain love is like trying to find a needle in a heap of hay. Everyone feels it differently and views it differently. To get to experience it is one of the luckiest things that can happen to someone. So, if you love someone, go ahead and pour your heart out. It could be anyone, your family, your friends, maybe even a crush. Go on and tell them you love them. And most importantly, go on and tell yourself how much you love yourself. 

7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.


How To Maintain Spark In Relationship


 Love –easy to fall in but an uphill task to balance. But what exactly is love? Love is a philosophy of life that runs on intimacy, passion, and commitment. Thinking about being in love with someone from head to toe gives you butterflies in your stomach. But with time that spark that you had, in the beginning, fades away resulting in conflicts and fights. 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship. 

love has no age

“Of all forms of cautions, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness” 

Here are 7 ways that will help you in never losing that spark in your love life :

  1.  Communicate with them-

Communication plays a key role in a relationship. According, to a study by the University of Georgia – “ Good communication leads to marital satisfaction “. Not everyone in this world is good at understanding gestures. Therefore, if you want to tell someone about how you truly feel, the only effective way is communicating with them. Every relationship has its ups and downs but a relationship with good communication could get past all those difficult phases of life. Pouring your heart out and letting them know you inside out is one of the ways to build a healthy relationship. 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

  • Giving each other space-

Every person in this world needs a few moments alone with themselves. And communicating and giving some personal space are like opposite sides of the same coin. You have to maintain a proper balance between these two to love and be loved. Your faith in them helps you in giving each other time to think, analyze and then act. It is a myth that being in a relationship is a Piece of cake, because it is not. You have disagreements and arguments over kinds of stuff, but how you tackle them makes the difference in a strong and a fragile relationship 

The Untold Part Of Love | Why Relationships Fail | Jealous Or Insecurity?

  • Spend time with each other –

Spending quality time with each other gives you and your partner a sense of joy. Go for a movie, or dinner, meet their families, ask them how they are doing? These things are not so much of a big deal when you love someone you got to put some efforts to show it. It might be a little difficult when you are in a long-distance relationship but you could always do the possible things such as- calling them and telling them how much you love them and miss them, surprising them (if possible ), etc.

  • Respect and Intimacy –

Having intimacy in your love life maintains the spark. Love is not only about emotions, but it is also equally about having good relationships in physical terms. Giving each other hugs, kissing, making out and cuddling shows how religiously you are into them. On the other hand, respecting your partner is very important. You can love someone unconditionally but if you don’t respect them or their perspective it’s never going to work out, as everybody wants respect from their partner.

  • Support system –

Your partner always looks up to you when they need support- be it emotional or mental. There are days when they may feel low, depressed, or confused, and you becoming a supportive pillar will surely help them in believing themselves and feeling better. If you do not what to do in such situations, all you could do is sit beside them, hold their hands/hug them and ask them what is wrong and what could YOU do to make it right? If they are not ready to open up at that time just tell them that you are always here for them. This will give them a sense of relief that they can always look up to you if anything happens. Good emotional and moral support helps you in understanding each other better. 

50 Drawbacks Of Love

  • Go for a vacation –

Going on a trip to an exotic and romantic location with your partner automatically fulfills the need of spending time with each other. There are so many beautiful places in this world where you and your partner can go for a short/long trip. And change in surroundings helps in changing mood and feeling good. This method could be an ace card in case of a long-distance relationship, as they hardly see each other due to some reasons. Some of the most exotic and romantic places in the world are- Greece, Paris, Bali, Mauritius, etc. 

Is love is the short way of finding the meaning of life

  •  Stereotype methods –

For some people giving flowers and letters might be a stereotype or cheesy thing. But for others, it is a way of showing affection and gratitude towards their partner. Complementing, asking them out, flirting, and writing letters/small notes about how grateful you are to have them in your life are the most beautiful and romantic ways to express love. 

Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby – awkwardly and often with a great deal of mess. And it all up to the couple to handle that mess carefully and deal with it delicately. The ways mentioned above will always help in making a relationship strong and healthy. And always remember –

If it is real, it will never be over”

So here we know about 7 ways to maintain the spark in your relationship.

You could call it love | Is love always vibrant | Is love magical?


It is not a fundamental feeling but an emotion that puts you in a happier state. It is the most beautiful feeling anyone ever felt, which is unique but beautiful, exciting but fascinating, sweet but mazy. Is love always vibrant

It is an incident that happens in your life without even knocking at the door of your heart. You are in love when you accept them with their flaws or when they become your life’s peace or when they are in your prayers when they make you swoon, and their smile takes away your heart. The content you in every way, even you enjoy their terrible singing and you always want them to be happy. They are like cheese to your pizza, coke to your popcorn and cherry on your ice-cream, without them you are fine but with them, you started glowing.


You are fortunate if love always gives you happiness, but it is not the case with everyone. Love also hurts, and no word can absorb that expression, it depends on the type of relationship you have with the one you love. Is love always vibrant

      If your love is one-sided, it hurts so deep that sometimes you find yourself surrounded by your loneliness, everything seems colorless to you and you started finding flaws in yourself for not getting love. But always remember that loving someone never comes with the condition that they have to love you back because love never has conditions and if it has then is it even love? Secondly, never dishearten yourself for the thing which is not in your hands, you are perfect just the way you are, and you need to realize that you haven’t met the right one this time but trust me, you will find your Mr. Right real soon. Is love always vibrant

      Sometimes, your heart breaks in love and then you remembered all the things you did together and to each other, your happy moments or the day when you first met with them, you started thinking that how foolishly you believed that it is going to be a happy ending or you both are an endgame. When you realized that they were never truly yours, you were shattered and it left you cold, I am sure that the heartbreak was just terrible for you. Now, you have their number in your contact list, but you can’t dial it anymore to tell them that you miss them, and you want them back in your life. You resent them for what they did, but soon you will realize that whatever happened, was good for you because you deserve someone who thinks you are too important to lose and you empathize with them because they taught you how to love before they broke your heart, it takes time but you will get there soon. You will learn to be happy for them because you know heartbreak don’t last. On some nights you might wonder that if this incomplete story bothers them, does it keep them up at night? I know it is the hardest thing to get over them, but you are trying and soon you will.

love is vibrant


If you ever truly fell in love, then yes love is magical for you. You started doing all those things which you never did before like singing in your terrible voice or started smiling on your own or share your ice cream with them, everything is so colorful for you and you started feeling free and way more comfortable with them than others. They are very different yet so familiar; they have become the reason for your smile, and you started thinking about them constantly. On some days they irritate you because they did not remember the things you told them, or they got irritated when you started a fight because of no reason, but you love them with all their stupidity, shyness, and cuteness. You realized that love could feel as easy as breathing, there are days when you feel like nothing is going right but they are there to remind you that there is something beautiful in your life. They are like sunshine which takes away all the darkness of your life and you will never leave their hand no matter what the situation is. You have trust that if anyone of you ever mess this up, you both can still work that out and you will find a way to love again. You believe in them and for you, they are all the colors in the world. Their small efforts make you so happy that sometimes you ended up having tears in your eyes. When you see your picture with them, you always wonder that how perfect you both are together, and sometimes their weird faces on the picture make you laugh so bad and then you think that “yes, it is the reason I love that idiot” and you will always love them because they mean so much to you.

Lastly, of all the things you might come to regret, nothing will ever come close to losing them, Show them that they mean so much to you by your efforts, never hides your emotions for them, realize them that how much you love them. They won’t ask much of you just your time and love. So, always try to give them your best.

“I don’t know what love is, but some phase needs to remain undefine, to maintain its grace and divine”.  


Do you know what love is | Exact meaning of love

Do you know what love is? 

Well before I begin, I would like to say something. Whatever I write in this article is totally my personal opinion about the topic and has nothing to do with anyone’s personal beliefs regarding the topic. Please try to have an open mind to new or different opinions. And if by any chance (unintentionally) anyone feels offended then I’m sorry in advance. Do you know what love is? 

Now shall we start?

So, what is love? Woah, now that’s too much, to begin with, right? I mean like that’s a really big topic to talk about, right?

Now let’s start with baby steps. So let me just rephrase the question. What is that first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word LOVE?
Think about it. Now all those people who thought of something vulgar (if you know what I mean) or illegal stuff (also if you know what I mean) then I think you might wanna reconsider your priorities and your life choices.

Did you Found your true Love

Now that’s not the point. The point is, someone told me that the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about love is the one thing that you love the most. Now I don’t know if the person who said this knew or not that there are some weird people like me who could love food more than anyone. Like when I did this with myself, the only possible thing I could think of was food. I think I need to get my priorities checked.

Well moving on. So, like I said all I could think of was food. But I really want to know what love is. So I asked a few of my friends what love is. And I got pretty interesting answers to this question.

So one of my friends describes love as a fairytale. One day you meet your prince charming who will sweep you right off your feet. Someone who will be your Knight in shining armor. Someone who will be your “THE ONE”. Now I’ve watched enough fairytales to know that there is a reason why they all are called fairy tales. I mean like you cannot just fall in love and marry a guy you just met. Queen ELSA said this for herself and I support her. I mean like she isn’t wrong, is she? How can you decide that he or she is the one for you? You guys have talked for like 3 minutes, that’s all(I legit counted it). I cannot even decide what to wear for the day even if I have an eternity for it. Then how can someone possibly decide this one so easily? But then that’s what my friend believes love is like.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Now another friend of mine said that love is like the ones we read in MILLS AND BOONS. How a poor girl accidentally bumps into a rich handsome guy. Then they both fall in love and have their happily ever after. Wow. Amazing right?
Now let me tell you the reality, my friend.
Girl, I’ve been broke all my life but never, I repeat never have I ever accidentally, intentionally or unintentionally bumped into a rich handsome guy ever. Like EVER. Let alone fall in love with one. Never has that ever happened to me throughout my 20 years of existence. (Meanwhile, my mom is in the background asking me if I’m crying or not. To that I’m like “No mom I ain’t crying. It’s just my eyes are sweating that’s all. Yeah, that’s just sweat dripping from my eyes. I ain’t crying”)

Honestly, these kinda books should be banned, man. I mean like they make me have all sorts of unexpected expectations about love. Expectations that seem far better than reality. I’m pretty sure every person who has ever read those books had pretty similar expectations as mine. I don’t blame them though. It’s the books that are to be blamed.

But honestly, guys, what was the greatest love story that you have ever heard of or read?

concept of love

Now, most people will probably say Romeo and Juliet. It indeed is the greatest love story. But what does this love story tell us? Well, I don’t know about the others, what I understood was that even if we can’t live together, we surely can die together. I mean like I get the part of “No one can separate us” or “Until death do us apart”. Like ok, I get it that you’re in love and can do anything for each other but is it really worth it. I mean like I’m not saying that dying for the one you love isn’t worth it. But I wouldn’t call it the ideal love story.

My kind of ideal love story would be where you both met when you were kids. Fall in love as you were growing up. Start dating each other during teens. Get married during your mid-twenties. Have kids and start a family of your own during your late twenties. And then have a happily ever after until your late nineties. Chessy right? Some might even say that it’s a pretty old school. But then these kinds of stories are pretty rare in this generation.

You’ll find many people saying that they find it hard to fall in love. I think it’s not about falling in love, it’s about staying in love. People of our generation find it difficult to stay in love with the same person for a long period of time. They get into relationships. And then they say they have lost interest in that person or that they feel like the sparks are gone.
Well honestly if you feel that way then you weren’t in for love in the first place. You were just looking for temporary happiness that’s all. I believe that when you’re in love, you never get tired of that person. Yes, you may have your ups and downs but doesn’t every relationship have it?
But after all this, the question still remains unanswered. What is love? Now I honestly don’t know how to describe love. Well, Google says that it is an intense feeling of deep affection you have for someone or something. Is it the feeling you get when you see someone beautiful? Is it the feeling that others describe that they get butterflies in their belly when they see someone they love? Or is it when they say that your heartbeat gets faster when you’re around the one you love? Or is it the way they write it in books?
Are these honestly what love is? Or is it just the product of someone’s imagination that has been passed onto others for generations? Weird right?
Have you ever thought, how did you ever get to know about the idea of love? Was it the movies? Plays? Books? Or people?

love has no age
Whatever we know about love is through books, movies, or people.
The idea of love has always been told to us by others. They have described it and we have followed it. Do we know how to describe it without using these existing examples?
Think about it carefully and you will realize that none of us knows exactly what love is. When asked about love we’re basically describing someone else’s idea of love.

Now I ain’t a love expert or anything who knows everything about love. So to conclude, I’d say I don’t really know what love is. But I would love to know what love is.

Did you Found your true Love? Or its Just an Oxytocin Rush

 Did you Found your true Love?  

Post-independence India believed in marriage and procreation was the only goal of a human life. There was a saying “First you Marry, then you procreate and provide your child with a better life and if life permits, go for love”. While the present-day Indian Youth have the exact opposite viewpoints. Every single person is expected to have a partner and a relationship before the official marriage. Even marriages are going out of trend and are being replaced by the so-called live-in relationships. So the question arises: Did you found your true love

Did you Found your true Love



Science with its recent developments has proved that love is a need for humans and Oxytocin the infamous “Love Hormone” is a basic necessity to control anger and depression. But the perception of love in today’s generation is completely different and is against the very argument that love prevents depression. Did you Found your true Love
Suicide rates have surged in the world and India being highest among them. While there can be many reasons, Love-Failure is considered to be the biggest culprit among them. A report by CNN states that “Love is the number one reason behind suicides” But WHY IS IT SO?


This can be divided into two categories

  • Social Reasons
  • Biological Reasons

Social Reasons-

Every single one of us has always faced the wrath of society and our friends. I can recall some instances from my life as well and here it goes,
I have always been an introvert or that “shy guy” every group has. Though I don’t act like an introvert with my friends and I feel different while I talk to strangers. Making new friends has been so difficult for me let alone new girlfriends. Being from a conservative Indian family, my mom always says that “get a job with a handsome salary so that it’ll be easy to get a bride someday”. Both these factors made me stop caring about getting a girlfriend and that indeed made me good at studies.

Did you Found your true Love
It was all going well until all my friends had a partner. I kind of developed a fear of visiting my Whatsapp status page. Every status you see had given me some kind of a jealous feeling towards my friends and somehow even reduced my self-confidence. The growing pressure from my friends to get a girlfriend was so painful and exhausting for me.
Like any teenager would do, the internet was the easiest option to know the operational details about making a girlfriend (pun intended). And I would spend hours researching the details. Saw thousands of cringeworthy articles and videos on youtube and other platforms. so trust me guys “101 hacks to find a girlfriend” doesn’t work, sigh.
With all these, I was somehow getting connected off from my family, especially my mother and my dear friends. A sudden realization came and I started to self-introspect. I asked myself “Do I need a girlfriend? , or I just desire because my friends say so ?’’ which made me ask myself that “ are girls just some kind of a toy who are free to use when needed and throw them away in case the need vanishes? ’’. This made me think the number of heartbreaks millions of people had to go through every day just because of the reason that they trusted the other guy with their Love and Time. I had a dual feeling that how evil the world is and at the same time how innocent the world is too.
This brings us to the point, how love is being accused of being the biggest killer in the world while love has actually no part in this. Bad people hiding behind the mask of love the culprit here.

So these are the Exact 30 signs that show you are in love or not.

Biological Reasons:-

Oxytocin, what is it and how am I related to it? might be the question you should be asking right. To know about it, see the contrast in my story and the story of my friend here…
We do have friends in our groups who are smart, good looking, and have an interesting character and attitude. They are the ones who are famous across the college community.
The guy I am talking about also has the same fan following in the college. To be honest, he was famous during his school days too, so getting a girlfriend was never an issue for him. Every other day he has someone new. Ya I know it’s like too much. Hey, Please don’t think me as the only person who was jealous of him.
Every here and there whenever I met him, the only question I had was “What is the secret of your success?”, yes he was the success I had ever dreamt of during my school life. He would reply with just a smile which in case you wonder, increases my jealousy level a thousand times. The next question from me would be like “ why the heck are you with another person every time I see you ??”. The smile goes off and he would just timidly answer “ ya, it didn’t work for us”. The surprise face I made after listening to it was worth a view. Did you Found your true Love?  do you think so?
But why was this? The real reason is is a chemical released when we feel love. Since there was no true love, no emotional connection, he just got bored of the brief increase of oxytocin and felt the urge to get someone new who would start the same cycle again and again.
This devastates the life of the girl who might have felt true love with him. Now we can recollect why people are accusing love as a reason here. Their allegation is not false but the criminal is not loved rather the person who hides behind this mask.

Final Words….

Love is beautiful, divine, and indescribable. It’s an emotion no author can, even the great Shakespeare couldn’t describe.
Love is infinite, the more you devote the deeper your find yourself in. Nothing in the world is more beautiful and divine than Pristine Love.
The only problem with today’s youth is that they are running behind the pleasure of love instead of the divine feeling that love serves us. The reason can that, love is still seen as a taboo in Asian countries especially southeast Asia. People are conservative in ideology but the fun fact is that the highest population belongs to this part of the world. Hypocrisy much!
Finally, Love is something that happens and you should possess the knowledge to differentiate between true love and infatuation. The hearts of the Indian youth left only with the feelings of hatred, jealousy, and Rage. The youth needs to set its priorities right and should only love to feel not to show! So ask you a question, Did you Found your true Love? 




You were perfect, we both were perfect. Everything seemed to the perfect together. We have shared countless memories. We held our hands together through all problems. We spend hours talking to each other. We understood each other without saying a single word. Those days with you are still the most magical and precious moment I would love to relive with you. Falling in love with you was never expected, but being in love with you is something that I can’t stop or even try. You always helped me to know how am I and what I am. Your presence has always made me feel so lite that I forget about all my worries and the rest of the world. It was always just you for me.
But then all of a sudden you left me. You moved away from me, You moved to another place where I was no one to you. You left me all alone in this world where there was only you and me. Your absence makes me felt lost and numb. I was stranded and left with no place to go. I was left with nothing rather than your memories which hunt me down to the truth that you are not mine anymore. And now we don’t talk to each other, we don’t see each other, we don’t date each other, finally, we are not together and we are not ONE. Broken love really hurts a lot.



These words are the remainder for you that I still can’t forget you or move over you. Every day, every night the thought that you are not mine anymore drives me crazy. Everything about you turns me on. Everything about you makes me smile, but the very next moment when I realize that no longer you are with you, tears roll down. Not being near you I never imagined. Being this far away. Every promise made, every promises broken left me in trauma where there was still only you. Broken love really hurts a lot.
It was you who thought me what the world was, and what it is waiting to show me. You promised me that we would see the world together, now you left me and, made me survive all alone without you. I would opt for the second option without you. Every day, every night, every moment without you I wish that this would be just a nightmare without you.



I am broken with you. And yes you broke me apart into pieces that I would not search the broken pieces at least to fix me up. The last moment spent with you. Those last words which you said to me, I know it was not you or either us. It can never be us. How come the most perfect and made for each other pair all of a sudden turn to a stranger. No, it can never be us. At times I wish I would come back of you, forget everything and start it all over again but the scars and pain given by you. The depth of my wound stops me to do so. Every time you do something wrong, every time you insult me in front of others, I forgive you because of the blind trust and love I had on you. But the last time you left me I would either stop you because I am broken with you
You broke me that I would not come back to you. I never say I was perfect all the time but would say I never gave up on you at any time. No person is perfectly perfect in all deeds and words but life moves on only with the fact that sometimes it should be forgiven or forgotten. Maybe sometimes that they don’t want to hurt and the matter was that they did care at all. And now it is that we are not anymore anyone to each other.



These are those words that I wish to say to you. I don’t know if this could reach you any day or I would see you at least once for the rest of my life. I will definitely with no pause or no doubt I love you and I still do. I miss you, miss you more than anything. The moment you left I left it was over, but no my love for you exactly begins at the moment you left me. It was then I realized that sometimes we desperately love someone with our feeling but sometimes fail to show it as exactly as what we meant. I get a chance to meet you up, I don’t know that I would say sorry or either thank you but will say,

I love you and I still love you to the square of infinity


Love is the four-letter word that seems too short in reading but it holds much beautiful explanation with infinite words. Love is the beauty of yourself. Now, look into the hidden meaning of words like as first letter refers to LOYALTY. When you love something or a person, you should be loyal at first because it gives a surety to your partner and he feels confident with you without having any doubt in mind. It is the first step in your relationship to grow as crow flies in the sky.

On the second word, refers to OBSESSION which plays a vital role in your love life. It takes you up in yourself to consumption with belief to your buddy. Like a fascination towards your partner which grows in your inner peace of the state and you find yourself in your buddy who recognizes another version of yourself. love is the beauty of  yourself


On third word V which is my favorite one in a balancing relationship refers to VALUE. It should be kept in every bonding, any kind of relationship which exists, and something like that. Because everyone needs a valuable respect as caring folded with passionate love will make a strong bonding in them. love is the beauty of  yourself

Now one last word E refers to EARN. When people earn something on their potential during many consequences for their partner, on that point they understand their feelings deeply, respect them purely.

Love is not just a meeting of two bodies; it is a pure connection of two souls and the process of making it into one. It gives a feeling of togetherness in itself. After getting fall in love with someone you will feel a telephonic communication with your love partner which is a sign of a perfect relationship to understand each other and emotions. Here love is the one which keeps you alive perfectly, not physically with your partner. 

Could you believe in that way yourself who loves someone more than a God? For someone, you can do everything at your last breathe. This is possible if you can take yourself without having restrictions and enjoy that feeling with all these moments. Love which is not a partially divided feeling, it gives you fixation with stability in your life. Some relationships require truth, belief, happiness which is the most important part of love and keeps a major role in defining the real meaning of love. 

Love is the journey with becoming an essential part of your life wherewith best version of yourself you create golden wrapping bundles of memories with your lover. It is like nectar which gives you a fresh heart-warming touch inside your body with a feeling of floating in another world. It fascinates you with its charming energy which plays inside you.


Here are some keywords which make your relationship better.

  • Give comfort to each other: it is the best policy of relationship which makes your bonding strong also increases flexibility to period with your partner to give comfort places to each other. It can be variably with emotions to each person and give a very efficient mannerism. I think everyone wants their comfort places which give you a perfect perception through life and can modify also with emotions of our partner and live in a better version of life.


  • Strong communication: for a healthy relationship, you have to keep a strong communication by sharing your problems, taking advice; express your feeling by random hugs, etc. like to be become a cutest one. You have to be faithful for your loving person by doing random plans for making a blissful day with a full of happy moments.


  • Physical relationship: sometimes you aren’t in a situation to express that feeling which you want to convey to your partner but having a healthy physical relationship increases feelings to your partner that you connect to your partner for having a charming good life. These things not only develops inside you but also outside as well as. And help to overcoming and reducing your complexity between gives you mental peace and develops a direct peaceful connection between you and your partner.


  • Avoid some little quarrel: I know it is difficult for you but it is not an impossible thing that cannot catch you and apply between your relationships to make more feasible. Adding some passions you can do easily and develops a better connection. Sometimes anger can destroy anything, so keep in mind these things to do not have confusion. Go with your partner calmly and start having a habit to avoid some little quarrel with your partner.


  • Gather happy moments: so yeah! This makes your relationship mentally strong by avoiding bad moments because you are having a good and healthy relationship. With your partner share some beautiful moments of your life and understand his habits for a better love life.

pros and cons of love

Final thoughts:

I hope this article will help you to understand the concept of love and “how to make a healthy relationship” also. So yeah! These are my views on love. I think love is a feeling that can’t describe in an article and no one can describe it also. If you find any difficulty, please feel free to comment below. We want your response! Thank you.


Love is the beauty of  yourself


Real love story of a boy, Who could not find his love

” A Beautiful feeling love”

WHAT IS LOVE? I say about what is love..then I say love is a beautiful feeling and no other feeling like this in this world. A person can do anything for this but one thing love does not only love for a girl..if you say about love then..there are different means of love… Love for our parents, love for our friends, love for anything. But only those people understand about love who love someone. If I say about myself, then I feel the power of love, when she come in my life. Real love story of a boy

Real love story of a boy, Who could not find his love


A girl my who is my heart, my everything comes in my life 2 years ago. first, we meet on Instagram then after 1 month, we meet at Ajmer dargah, and that time I was feeling awesome. We see each other for the first time and our eyes filled full of tears. She comes there with her parents. So we can’t meet directly. I follow, means walking behind her everywhere, where she goes.
Exactly 2 hours we live together. And at last time when she was going then she propose to me… And I see her eyes, her both eyes is full of tear.

Real love story of a boy, Who could not find his love


after the first meeting, we meet again after 1 month and then every month we meet.
Those 2 year is a golden moment for my life.
love is beautiful when both love each other and live together a lifetime. At last when the moments come when someone leaves about any reason. That moment is very dangerous for him.
In my love story, after 2 years in February 2018, her marriage comes and this is killing moment for my life. I feel like no one for me in this world, I feel very alone and I was going for suicide on the railway track. But then suddenly my mobile rang, I see my screen, there was my father call. I received this call and after talking to him.
I thought if I died then how about my father and my mom. Then my mind set up change for some time and directly I go home and see my parents face and then I realize love is not when you love a girl, parents love her child is another meaning of love. I can’t say about those times who spend me after her marriage. I spent 6 months in my room alone. I forget all of my friends, relatives and all.
I recovered after 1 year then I decided love for everything but can’t love a girl when marriage is not possible… This is my small story.

LOVEReal love story of a boy

Real Story Of a girl who is in love | Corona social distancing | Far from love

Real Story Of a girl who is in love


The boy,

I am loving the most

        Real Story Of a girl who is in love. So, it all started in the 11th grade by sharing a WhatsApp number. Oh, God!! I still remember the first time I saw you and you took my breath away. You stole my heart. I don’t know how I started loving you. I was not a lover. You made me the one. Your charm forced me to stare you continuously instead of focusing on lectures. The English language has 26 alphabets that combine to form words, sentences, and phrases. Yet every word, every sentence, every phrase fails to describe the aura that you have. How can be someone so perfect? Your smile, your eyes, even your eyelashes everything seems so perfect. There is something different in the way I feel you. A cup of tea in the college canteen is worth like a date. You are the reason behind my smile. You are the person whom I never want to lose. The person who looks damn cute even in anger. You are the person who handles my mood swings, who understands me the best. I love you very much probably more than anybody could love any other person. I feel a connection with you, a spark that I haven’t felt with anyone yet.

Real Story Of a girl who is in loveThere are moments of silence in our relationship as well as moments of deeper conversation. We have to find a balance between them. Because sometimes it feels great to just stare, gaze, smile and hold hands. If this is happening then we can just go with the flow. I know sometimes I overreact. Sometimes I become an over-possessive girlfriend. Because I hate sharing my people with anyone, especially when it comes to you. I know this lockdown is somehow affecting us both. But you will be the first person I would Iove to see as soon as this lockdown ends. You will be the first person I would like to make memories. Time brought many horrible moments in our life but it has also brought beautiful memories with it. We just have to go with the flow and accept the situation. God has united us the second time, I hope he will make both of us stay together forever.



From the (introvert) girl

Who has lost her heart to you

Real Story Of a girl who is in love